Eaglesvale junior celebrates Book Week

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Eaglesvale junior celebrates Book Week


18 February 2019

Eaglesvale Junior School pupils

EAGLESVALE Junior School last week commemorated a Book Week where the children were taught on the importance of reading.

The Book Week is conducted every second week of February and this year it was running under the theme ‘Reading is the key. The key is reading.’

Speaking to H-Metro last Friday, headmaster Michael Bvumbe said as a school they were running away from just teaching the normal chalk and talk.

“The book week was exciting and the children really enjoyed the week. There were a lot of activities lined up as children visited libraries. Some went to American library, Parliament and some children visited printing companies so that they could see how books are printed.

“I just believe that keeping the children in the four walls they don’t learn much but if they are taken out there, they will learn better that’s my philosophy,” he said.

Eaglesvale Junior School headmaster Michael Bvumbe

Bvumbe also mentioned that they were favourable responses from the children.

“Every day we were having a book reading routine for 15 minutes.

“The bell would ring in the morning and everything would stop in the school as we want to develop the culture of reading in our country.

“The culture of reading is dying and people do not want to read books. I remember when we were growing up, our grandmothers would tell us stories but now the grandmothers are no longer there and the only substitute is for children to read stories.

“We encourage the parents also to set time every day of the week to read for their children so that they would appreciate the reading,” said Bvumbe.

Speaking on the importance of Book Week, he said:

“The Book Week gives an insight and enables children to appreciate that without reading there is no success in life because everything is centered on reading.”

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