Eaglesvale Primary donates to cancer patients

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Eaglesvale Primary donates to cancer patients


18 October 2018

Eaglesvale Junior Primary School pupils yesterday held an awareness campaign on cancer where they donated money to the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe.

As part of the campaign, they recited poems led by school headmaster Michael Bvumbe.

All teachers and pupils attended lessons wearing pink and officials from the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe taught them more about breast cancer.

“Our theme for this year is PRIDE and in that we are educating children to be polite, responsible, in control, earn and give support both at home and school,” said Bvumbe.

“Our children along with teachers came dressed in pink today to give support to cancer patients by donating money that can help in buying drugs.

“We composed a song about cancer in a way to teach the children about the disease and spread the message about cancer to their parents.

“Allow me to take this opportunity to thank parents for standing with their children along with the school for a noble cause,” said Bvumbe.

Junior school pupils stood up after the headmaster’s message, sang a song and prayed for a healing to cancer people.

Part of the song reads:

“It is the poor and lonely who need our love and compassion; it is the poor and the lonely who need our love and compassion. The little streams in the valley are more to me than the ocean.”

The Cancer Association of Zimbabwe general manager Junior Mavu handed over a certificate to Eaglesvale Junior School and was received by the school head boy and head girl in the presents of Bvumbe.

She gave gifts to pupils who answered questions about breast cancer correctly.


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