Easy access to registration documents at Agric Show

Faith Mandizha

THE Civil Registry of Zimbabwe is issuing national identity cards, death certificates and birth certificates at the ongoing Agricultural Show making it convenient for those who have not yet acquired these documents.

Speaking to H-Metro Tsungai Muguti, the Civil Registry communications officer, said this move has provided a convenient and accessible platform for those who attend the show to acquire their documents.

She said Civil Registry personnel have been equipped with the necessary resources and expertise, for them to work diligently and ensure all required documentation is processed accurately and promptly.

“Acquiring these documents on the spot saves individuals significant time and effort that would have been spent visiting government offices.

“Also, easy access to these essential identification documents empowers attendees with the ability to engage in various official transactions more conveniently, such as opening bank accounts or registering for different purposes,” she said.

The Civil Registry’s presence at the Agriculture Show has been welcomed by those attending the show.

They say they have seen efficient handling of ID and birth certificate applications.

Tatenda Muchena from Mabvuku, who got his ID card, said:

Ndirikufara ndatora ID for the first time, I have been failing to get one because of the queues at Makombe.

“I am grateful for this opportunity.

“Tomorrow I am taking birth certificates for my kids,” he said.

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