Ecobank trio accused US$14k theft

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Ecobank trio accused US$14k theft


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter
THREE Ecobank employees appeared before a Harare court yesterday facing theft charges involving US$14 000.
Micheal Nyamutswa, 44, Tserai Sanyamandwe, 42, and Swell Chinopopota, 46, appeared before Harare magistrate Yeukai Chigodora, who remanded them out of custody, to March 23.

The complainant is Ecobank, represented by its corporate investigations manager, Thembeile Ngungu.

Nyamutswa is employed by the bank as the customer service manager while Sanyamandwe is a bank teller and Chinopopota is the head teller.

There is an outstanding accused person,Munyaradzi Zviripi, who is believed to be on the run and was formerly employed by the bank as the head teller.

Allegations are that on December 2 last year, Ngungu received a report from Ecobank Nelson Mandela Branch, where the three are attached to.

The report, the court heard, was to the effect that there had been a recovery of a seal of US$100 notes, which was in the vault, but had no signatures or stamp on its certificate.

It is alleged Nyamutswa ordered Sanyamandwe, Chinopopota and Zviripi to recount the money and they found out that there were three bundles that had 80 US$100 notes, instead of 100 US$100 notes.


This means that US$6000 was missing.
They allegedly also discovered that one bundle had US$20 notes, instead of US$100 notes, and US$8000 was also missing.
The four had the mandate to keep the money safe in the vault as well as carrying out basic verifications.
The State alleges they converted the outstanding amount of US$14 000 to their own use.
Thomas Chanakira appeared for the State.

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