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ECONOMIC researcher and philanthropist, Tongai “Chirandu” Tarubona, says it’s hard to resist his calling as a musician.

Chirandu, who works for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, still finds time to record music.

He recently launched his 14th album named Mwedzi (Rising Moon).

The album is laden with Chimurenga and traditional songs, which are richly grounded in Shona tradition.

Some of the songs include Doro Haripinde Denga, Zvaramba Tete and Mbereko, featuring Tichaona Tachacha and Muroora Navamwene.

Chirandu said:

“I might be a busy man with a decent job but I can’t resist this musical calling I have.

“I can’t believe I have released 14 albums and I still have the urge to do more.

“I have even other unreleased albums, which I hope to unveil in the years to come,” he said.

He, however, said he was singing for fun.

“To me, music is a hobby but I would like to change other people’s lives through it.

“I have the talent and I can’t let it die when I am still alive.

“I will continue doing my best and inspire others.

“My latest album is special because it defines my music and who I am.”

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