Nyasha Kada

HARARE’S nightlife has over the years seen many spots come and go.

Some have lived a short life while others a fairly long span due to sound management and professionalism.

The name “Kebab” is one that still brings pleasant memories to this day.

The name has stood the test of time when it comes to local entertainment. And, the man behind the name, and the business, sat down to talk to H-Metro.

His name is Edmore Zviitwah.

In Harare, he is popularly known as Eddie Kebab or Mdhakisi, the bar and restaurant owner who has managed to grow and maintain his brand over the years.

“This year marks 27 years and I am happy I have kept going even when the odds were against me,” he said.

“To be behind a brand for such a long time is not easy.

“It’s hard work, dedication and passion that has kept the dream alive.

“Our loyal patrons have been the biggest support system and I owe every success to them.

“Over the years, we have moved to various spots around the capital and the people have stuck with us.”

His dream came true in 1996 when he opened Old Kebab along Emmerson Mnangagwa Road.

And, from there, he never looked back.

Twenty-seven years later, the Kebab flagship still stands tall and the brand has adapted to the modern changes that have come with the changing times.

The contribution of his team and events coordinator, Shazzy Bear, has also been priceless.

Old Kebab has transformed to Legends of Kebab Premier and is now located in Milton Park.

It has become popular with mature patrons as it offers both old and new school entertainment as well as traditional and foreign food.

He also revealed that maintaining a balance and sticking to simplicity have helped him in his journey.

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