Edith Weutonga takes fight to global stage

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Edith Weutonga takes fight to global stage Edith Weutonga


Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

Musician Edith Weutonga has pledged to pursue her fight to emancipate women after assuming a vice president’s post in the International Federation of Musicians (FIM) organisation.

Weutonga, who is also the first woman president of a music union in Zimbabwe, has become the first black woman to be selected as the vice president of FIM.

After achieving such levels, elated Weutonga said her selection proved she has the credentials to execute the required duties and will continue the fight to address women plight.


“This is really exciting for me but also challenging as this is a huge step.

“This is a bigger organisation and at the moment feeling overwhelmed with excitement because it is a first for Zimbabwe, first for a black woman and being amongst such big names.


“Part of the presidium includes music union presidents from USA, Denmark, Switzerland, UK and big artistes,” she said.


“I really feel honoured to be selected during this 22nd congress and being a time when there was over a hundred people in attendance representing over 90 countries, that I was nominated and voted into the office shows there is something right we are doing as Zimbabwe and something that I am doing right as Edith.


“And I feel that with my background from Zimbabwe, the work that I have done to emancipate the women in music, the needs of the musicians in Zimbabwe am only being given a platform to do it at a global stage and I am looking forward to that.


“With so much support from an organisation like FIM I think we can only do better and am really anticipating that my work with the team there will be more fruitful,” she added.


Weutonga said she will also use the platform to address the problems facing Zimbabwean musicians.


“This is the opportunity for twinning and putting the Zimbabwean story out there. The opportunity for our Zim musicians to mingle, collaborate with other countries and their musicians.


“The opportunity for our sector challenges to be addressed at international platforms and getting the attention and advise that will map way forward.


“Lobbying and advocating with the rest of the world on matters that may seem to affect a few touring musicians of Zimbabwe,” said Weutonga.


Weutonga is a popular musician and she is also the founder and president of Zimbabwe Musicians Union since 2015.

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