EDITORIAL : All eyes on BBJ on Saturday

ON Saturday, our beauty queen, Brooke Bruck-Jackson, will plunge into the biggest battle of her lifetime.

She is in El Salvador where she will battle against scores of other contestants, drawn from around the world, who are battling for the Miss Universe crown. This will be the 72nd edition of the Miss Universe pageant and Zimbabwe has returned to the beauty showcase for the first time in 21 years.

The Miss Universe pageant is widely recognised as the greatest celebration of women.

“The Miss Universe Organisation (MUO) is a global, inclusive organisation that celebrates all cultures, backgrounds and religions,” the organisers of the pageant say.

“We create and provide a safe space for women to share their stories and drive impact personally, professionally, and philanthropically.

“The women who participate in this international platform serve as inspirational leaders and role models to their communities and fans around the world.

“The Miss Universe Organisation exists to advocate for a future forged by women — women with the courage to push the limits of what’s possible, who are curious enough to make world-shaking discoveries, and audacious enough to do this over and over.

“We believe that the future of humanity rests on reaching gender equity around the world.”

This year’s event is to be presented by former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, TV host Jeannie Mai, and the actor and journalist Maria Menounos.

The ceremony will include a live musical performance by 12-time Grammy winner John Legend.

A number of major media outlets have been giving out their thoughts about Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023.

Many media outlets believe the United States, who will be seeking back-to-back Miss Universe crowns, have a chance to secure a record ninth title on Saturday. Texan beauty, R’Bonney Gabriel, took the Miss Universe crown last year in January.

On Saturday, the United States will be represented by Utah’s Noelia Voigt, who earned her place at the contest when she was named Miss USA in October.

The major media outlets also believe the top 10 will feature Karla Guilfú Acevedo, Miss Puerto Rico, Maria Brechane, Miss Brazil, Sotima John, Miss Cambodia, Marie Princesse Issié, Miss Cameroon, Lisbeth Valverde, Miss Costa Rica, Diana Silva, Miss Venezuela, Melissa Flores, Miss Mexico, Camila Avella, Miss Colombia, Angelika Jurkowianiec, Miss Poland and Mariana Downing, Miss Dominican Republic.

But that should not discourage our representative because she earned her place to be among the best and she should fancy her chances of landing the big one.

The Philippines’ Miss Universe 2023 candidate Michelle Dee has already ranked number one in the pageant’s ‘Voice for Change’ advocacy platform, based on the latest numbers on the portal.

‘Voice for Change’ allowed this year’s contestants to share with the universe their advocacies through a three-minute video.

Our BBJ, at 21, is one of the youngest contestants for the prestigious title.

The youngest contestants are the 19-year-olds — Lilja Sif Petursdottir of Iceland, Vanesa Svedova of the Czech Republic and Lujane Yacoub from Bahrain.

The last time we took part in this beauty pageant we finished 10th and that should give our BBJ hope that she can do even better.

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