EDITORIAL: An insult to the marriage institution

THE case involving a Harare woman, whose marriage of 17 years is teetering on the brink of collapse, is quite shocking, to say the least.

So daring is this woman she has not only chosen to cheat her husband with one boyfriend but has been cheating with 15 lovers.

One boyfriend is bad for a married woman.

It’s something that we don’t encourage as a newspaper because we place a lot of value on the institution of marriage.

We believe that once a couple is married, they commit to loving each other, just the two of them, and no third party should be involved.

This applies to the husband as well as it applies to the wife.

We are a newspaper that has taken a hard-line stance when it comes to exposing those who cheat their partners.

We have covered many such cases, including high profile ones, and the intention was always about showing other husbands, and wives, about the consequences that come with cheating their married partners.

We have been hoping that our coverage in naming and shaming the people who are involved in such shameful rings of cheating, would send a powerful message to others that they will be shamed once we know of their evil deeds.

However, it appears some people are not interested in any lessons and the shocking case of the wife who has been having an affair with 15 lovers shows the extent of the rot that we are dealing with.

The woman’s insatiable desire for sex needs serious cleansing. 

In this era of dangerous diseases, the woman has been putting herself, and her husband, on the line by dating multiple partners.

Morally, the woman is disrespecting her husband by seeing other men while she is still married.

She doesn’t qualify to be called a wife.

Whatever is driving her to cheat with multiple partners, we urge this woman to repent and change her evil ways even if her marriage collapses as is now largely expected.

We should respect marriages.

This means men should respect the women who are married and women should also respect men who are married. 

We should also combine to ensure that we give respect to the institution of marriage.

We can’t treat marriage as some Mickey Mouse stuff in which a wife, who has been married for 17 years, can cheat her husband by dating 15 other men.

We feel for her husband.

This is a man who, by holding his marriage together for 17 years, has shown that he is committed to marriage.

It’s very clear that this is a man who, in those 17 years, certainly dealt with a lot of horror stories, emanating from his unfaithful wife, but managed to hang on to his marriage.

But, even in his wildest of imaginations, he would not have expected that his wife was dating 15 other men.

This is sickening, whichever way one looks at it.

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