EDITORIAL: Boy’s death is just unacceptable

THE death of a seven-year-old boy, who was mauled to death by vicious dogs, is quite regrettable.

The tragedy happened two years ago but the wounds are still fresh among Norton residents who lost a young life.

The boy was overpowered by two vicious dogs, which mauled him.

Former Runde legislator, Cuthbert Mpami and his farm manager, have now been charged for the part they played in the death of the seven-year-old boy.

The two are being charged with culpable homicide after they let the vicious dogs roam around the farm without handlers.

The State is saying they should have known the danger which the two vicious dogs posed if they were left to roam freely.

The State insists they should have taken precautions to know that these vicious dogs, if left to roam freely, posed a real danger to the community.

The former legislator, and his manager, are being accused of being reckless when they failed to take control of their vicious dogs.

Now, we can only wait to see how the wheels of justice will turn.

It’s a tragic case which will be watched closely by many.

It’s unfortunate that we will never get the boy, who was killed by these dogs, back.

We will never know what he would have become had he lived to fulfil his dreams.

Maybe, he was going to be the next Peter Ndlovu, a dynamic leader of our Warriors.

Maybe, he would have become the next Strive Masiyiwa, a telecoms tycoon who would become the richest man in this country.

Maybe, he would have become the next Kilimanjaro, a boxer who would have ruled the continent and be handed a crack at the world title.

We will never know because before he started pursuing whatever dreams he had his young life was cut short in that brutal attack by those vicious dogs.

Dog bites are dangerous as they need a lot of attention.

In cases where these dogs get out of control, there is a need to consult members of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

These are the experts when it comes to the handling of vicious dogs.

People should also be trained on how to handle dogs to ensure that they deal with their pets when they get out of control.

In the case involving the former Runde legislator, we are praying for justice to be delivered.

There is need for those who keep vicious dogs to know they are responsible for the actions of their pets.

They should do everything that is needed to ensure that we don’t get another situation like what happened to the seven-year-old boy who was killed by two vicious dogs.

People should not be scared to move freely because of reckless people who cannot control their dogs.

The level of recklessness, which resulted in this tragedy, should never be tolerated.

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