Editorial Comment: Abusing women is simply unacceptable

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Editorial Comment: Abusing women is simply unacceptable


CASES of jilted lovers, who cannot let go of the past, are sad and have been on the increase for some time now.

Most of these people can do anything to tarnish the image of their former lovers.

Some jilted lovers stalk their former partners both physically and on social media, trolling them.

Others even wish their former lovers bad luck and trail them like shadows.

Insecurity, jealousy and desperation usually fuel all this.

This week the case between social media personality, Prosper “Comic Pastor” Ngomashi and his former wife, Munyaradzi Mavura, exploded into the public domain.

The Comic Pastor, who has since remarried Noddy Zizhou, has been accused by Munyaradzi of being a wife-basher.

However, he argues that his former wife is a bitter woman who is unhappy that he ditched her.

Munyaradzi claimed she was once given a thorough hiding in 2016, after she responded to a message sent by Noddy to Comic Pastor, on his cellphone.

She said the abuses came in different forms but the beatings were the worst.

Munyaradzi further claimed she suffered a miscarriage as a result of Comic Pastor’s abuse.

She also claimed she was not driven by jealousy to make the stunning revelations.

However, there are some who believe Munyaradzi has not yet healed from the collapse of their relationship.

Many people questioned why she was bringing the damning allegations at a time when Comic Pastor is enjoying a purple patch in his career.

For the Comic Pastor, it’s very unfortunate that his name is now being dragged into issues related to wife bashing.

These are serious issues which have the capacity of destroying the careers of even the greatest of artists.

We saw it with superstar singer, Chris Brown, when he suffered significant profile harm after he bashed his former girlfriend, Rihanna.

Hitting a woman is wrong and it doesn’t matter who you are.

We should look at women as our partners and not as tools whom we can hit and abuse as and when we feel like releasing our emotions.

We are happy that our country, in particular, and the world, in general, is now taking those who abuse women, head on.

We are happy that many people, accused of assaulting and abusing women, are now being dragged to the courts of law to answer for their actions.

This should send a huge message that this is something that is not allowed in today’s world.

We are not saying that the Comic Pastor is guilty of bashing his ex-lover.

We know very well that love relationships can end in nasty fashion and we urge people to be prepared for anything when they marry or start dating.

Research has shown that there is a need for people to learn to forgive, if they are to move on, and forget their toxic situation.

In cases where people are failing to heal, seeking professional help is the way to go.

Whatever the circumstances, one thing should be clear – there is no room for abusing women.

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