Editorial Comment: As we prepare for Easter holidays . . .

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Editorial Comment: As we prepare for Easter holidays . . .


THE Easter holidays are upon us once again.

We have one week to prepare for the long weekend.

The Easter weekend coincides with the school holidays and they –  just like the Christmas and New Year’s holidays – will be a busy few days.

People will meet and have fun and while our cities’ CBDs will have fewer people and less activity, the highways will be congested.

Over the years, the carnage on our roads has been massive.

Before Covid-19 lockdowns, over the last couple of years, an average of 30 people perished on our roads during the Easter holidays.

Over the last two years, our roads have been refurbished and potholes have been patched up, especially the major roads and our highways.

We can’t fault the condition of the roads, for accidents now, as was the case during the same period six or so years ago.

Speeding, lack of focus, poor judgment, overtaking errors, reversing errors and turning errors are among the major causes of the hundreds of accidents that occur over Easter – and these are all human errors.

But, to all the drivers reading this before the Easter holidays begin, please learn to exercise caution on the road, to value human life by ensuring your cars are roadworthy and not to speed on the highways.

Speeding is one of the biggest causes of accidents and it is mostly caused by poor planning.

If one plans their journey in time, they are more likely to depart on time and less likely to speed.

Please learn to travel IN TIME and avoid overtaking errors while trying to make up for lost time because most accidents are caused by drivers who are in a hurry.

Parents who give their young children vehicles, during public holidays, are creating the right conditions for disaster.

While accidents are unavoidable sometimes, it is always important to avoid the obvious causes of accidents.

Driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, disobeying road rules, using vehicles that are not roadworthy, speeding, driving without a licence – all these are simple human errors that can easily be avoided to save lives.

Drivers caught on the wheel while under the influence of alcohol, whether they have been involved in an accident or not, must not be allowed to continue with their journey.

They must be arrested to face the wrath of the law.

These pleas have been made to Zimbabwean drivers since automobiles first graced our land but it appears the more people are warned, the less cautious they are.

There is need to educate the motoring public, sometimes even using the hard way, about the dangers of some of the things they take for granted.

Let us all play our role – whether we are drivers, passengers or pedestrians – to reduce road carnage this Easter.

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