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LEARNING and exchanging notes with the best is recommended in every field.

Collaborations have the power to bring about desired results when parties involved in such joint adventures are willing to learn from each other.

Some are now rich and successful after learning from the best while others are already on the right path to success.

Be it in sport, arts, research, business or medical fields, nothing beats the power of collaborations.

However, this has been lacking among most Africans due to insecurity, big egos and selfishness.

Some people are hard to convince or persuade when ambitious people come up with new ideas.

This has been seen in the arts industry, especially music, where there is a lot of potential.

Superstar Jah Prayzah is now an international brand after embracing the power of collaborations and synergies.

Plucked from Uzumba, Jah Prayzah has proved that nothing is impossible when one is really focused.

On home turf, he showed his willingness to learn from the best, after landing a “dream” collaboration with the late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi.

After noticing the power of synergies, he then approached Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz and made his breakthrough on the African continent.

He also did another collaboration with Nigerian megastar, Davido, which boosted his profile in the industry.

The singer did another collaboration with Jamaican reggae star, Jah Cure.

On April 21, Grammy award-winning reggae outfit – Morgan Heritage – will release an LP titled Homeland, in which Jah Prayzah is featured.

This is the latest chapter of Jah Prayzah’s rise in which collaborations, with some of the best in the industry, has helped him achieve significant success.

Jah Prayzah has made it clear that he is willing to learn from others, especially international acts.

When his financial backers paid for these collaborations, his foes were convinced they were throwing money down the drain.

He received negative criticism but now his vision is paying off.

The template he used can easily assist fellow artists who are yearning for international success and breakthroughs.

Jah Prayzah has proved that hard work, focus and networking can produce wonders.

Patience, faith and perseverance are needed when one is chasing international fame as was the case with Jah Prayzah.

His model also applies to other arts genres like theatre, film and television, spoken word, dance, visual and literary artists.

The only thing needed right now is for arts practitioners to have a change of mind-set and learn to copy from the best and work with them.

The same spirit can also be implemented in other fields such as mining, sport, business, among others.

By networking, people exchange ideas as well as learning new things, which can be helpful to them.

As such, we should never be selfish or insecure when people or institutions want collaborations.

Partners involved in such projects need to share the same vision and avoid being selfish.

Research has shown that nothing beats the power of collaborations, networking and creating synergies in life.

We should always embrace unity and innovation.

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