EDITORIAL COMMENT: Come on Fantan, you know better

11 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
EDITORIAL COMMENT: Come on Fantan, you know better DJ Fantan


NOT long after the domestic violence story involving Stunner and his wife Dionne, today we have an equally disturbing story involving DJ Fantan and his wife, Gamuchirai Nemukunyu.

The big DJ was last night detained at Waterfalls Police Station after he was arrested on allegations of domestic violence.

Credit should once again be given to Fantan’s wife for lodging a complaint with the police.

Gamuchirai says Fantan locks her in the house arguing that she should be a housewife.

She also alleges he doesn’t allow her to do her own things or find work arguing that she should be the house wife who is only responsible for household chores.

And, when she questions these things, he becomes violent, abusing her and destroying property in a fit of rage.

For a man of Fantan’s size, this wild behaviour would be scary and haunting for any woman.

However, what makes Fantan’s violent and abusive behaviour strange and more blameworthy if he committed these crimes is the fact that he knows everything about domestic violence and how it is detrimental to women’s rights and mental wellness.

Fantan was one of the leading faces of an anti-domestic violence campaign in Mbare where he went public, condemning domestic violence and urging couples to co-exist peacefully.    

The example set by Gamu of reporting a violent partner to the police should be followed by many.

What she has done will ensure abusive men can learn that they cannot take the law into their own hands by deciding to physically abuse their partners over whatever misunderstanding they may have.

We cannot have a world where one gender thinks they are superior to the other.

So, all men (and women on rare occasions) who exhibit tendencies of violence do not deserve to be with the rest of society and must be rehabilitated.  

One hopes that all men manage to learn from the core issue in these stories involving violent artists.

Stunner, Seh Calaz and now Fantan have all been accused of violent tendencies.

It’s wrong to beat one’s wife or take part in any form of domestic violence.

While there are many couples in similar situations, in this country, the fact that these are celebrities, means more attention will be given to their issues.

They are supposed to serve as public examples.

The issue of domestic violence is a huge problem, regardless of the cause of violence.

Sadly, women are usually at the receiving end of the abuse.

People always try to justify the violence but the fact is there is never a good reason to bash your wife.

Domestic violence is unnecessary as the law can solve all forms of disputes.

There may be a need to use stiffer penalties against abusive marriage partners as the present sanctions seem not to be doing enough to deter people from domestic violence.

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