Editorial Comment: Criminals now too daring, cause for concern

Crime has been on the rise for a long time now, but lately, daring criminals have become even more aggressive, targeting institutions that were previously considered impregnable.  Criminals have escalated their activities to unprecedented levels, with law enforcement now becoming not just a target, but equally vulnerable.

In the past, criminals primarily targeted businesses and individual homes, but now these miscreants have turned their sights to institutions that were once considered off-limits. These daring risks include some significant targets such as police, schools, prisons, and police stations, putting the public in a state of unease.

It is noteworthy that some criminals take their ability to harm law enforcement and regular people to remarkable heights. For instance, a senior prison warden lost US$2 500 when thieves sneaked into her home at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison officers’ houses while she was watching TV in the lounge. The money was in her bedroom.

Just last week, thieves broke into ZRP Braeside Primary School and stole a variety of textbooks.

There were also reports of a senior CID officer being assaulted at Jongwe Corner in the full glare of imbibers despite firing warning shots into the air a few weeks ago.

Some cops have been robbed and assaulted after boarding mushikashikas.

These actions display a different level of boldness when it comes to daring crimes and highlight the unfortunate reality of just how vulnerable law enforcement and ordinary people are.

One of the reasons criminals have become more daring over time is that they can easily get away with it, and those that get caught receive lenient sentences.

In the past, there were certain unwritten rules that dictated how criminals should behave, such as not targeting certain institutions and law enforcement.

However, nowadays, criminals have changed and become more daring, attacking anyone or institution to which they see potential benefits. 

The sad fact is that the average citizen feels unsafe if the police can also become a target of these daring criminals.

It is no secret that crime rates have been increasing over the years, and there seems to be no respite in sight. This, however, becomes even more concerning when ordinary people feel that there is not much the police do. 

The reality is that while the police are doing everything in their power to contain this situation, there are limits to what they can do without causing more problems.

In the end, the rise of daring criminals puts everyone in a precarious position, and it becomes incumbent upon the authorities to do everything they can to protect the public. 

While there is no guarantee that every attack or incident can be prevented, the authorities can take steps to mitigate the risk and help reduce the consequences of any unwanted situation. 

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