Editorial Comment: Do not pressure women into abortion

03 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Editorial Comment: Do not pressure women into abortion


IRRESPONSIBLE men have forced a lot of women, or young girls, into abortion by not taking responsibility of their unborn children.

Every other week, the courts are awash with cases of women claiming maintenance for children and men refusing to accept the children they sired.

In an attempt to avoid such troubles, a lot of females have opted for abortion and more often than not, the decision ruined their lives.

Abortion should not be an option for any woman but many have been pressured into the sad choice.

This should be avoided at all costs.

Granted, the burden of looking after the child or enduring pregnancy is purely or biased towards the woman, but so are the consequences of abortion.

People who abort always regret their deed, whether the world finds out or they keep it as their secret.

If you ask them, they always think about what they did, they always imagine how old their baby could have been today had they not killed it and when they see other people’s children they always wonder how their child would have been in similar situations.

That is not a happy life.

It is painful to feel like a murderer and a person who denied another human being a chance to live their life because of selfish reasons. 

Once one falls pregnant, there is only one option – to keep the baby.

Whether that person is a college or high school student, or a cheating married woman, abortion should never be an option.

What is optional is falling pregnant.

One can decide whether to have sex or not, whether to use protection or not or whether to be on contraceptives or not.

But deciding whether or not to kill an innocent human being – which is what abortion is – should not be our choice as human beings.

Female students, for example, have a choice to indulge in sexual activities before marriage and if they do and fall pregnant, they are the ones who will carry the pregnancy for over nine months.

They are the ones whose school work will be affected because there are many ways pregnant women are disadvantaged during and after pregnancy when attending school.

Chances are high that men who impregnate university or high school students are not ready for commitment neither are they in love with the concerned students.

So young people must be aware of all these things and must know that sex – even with protection and or contraceptives – results in pregnancy and terminating that pregnancy, at whatever stage, is not right.

Men who impregnate students and then deny responsibility for their actions, forcing the girls to consider abortion, are the worst criminals.

They are mean, cruel and inconsiderate as they lie to vulnerable young women and promise them greatness before dumping them with diseases or pregnancies.

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