Editorial Comment: DRUG ABUSE IS REAL

24 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Editorial Comment: DRUG ABUSE IS REAL Mental health experts have expressed concern over the rampant drug and substance abuse among the youth.


DRUG and substance abuse have taken the world, in general, and our country, in particular, by storm.

Celebrities and ordinary folks are reeling from this new cancer.

Opportunities, marriages and jobs have been lost as a result of drug and substance abuse.

It’s a dire situation, which requires collective efforts to tackle head on.

It has been spreading like a veld fire with casualties piling with each passing day.

Over the years, such cases were rampant overseas and closer home in South Africa.

It was rare to hear or read about such reports on home soil.

Then, suddenly, it all changed.

The cases are now rampant in most ghettos, mining towns and even in the rural areas.

Drug and substance-related deaths also continue to be recorded with each passing day.

It’s now a national issue, which needs to be openly discussed, at every forum.

Drug abuse survivors are the best examples to show others we can win this war together.

Rapper Ti Gonzi has led by example and proved to the world that drug and substance abuse can be easily fought, if we are focused.

He shared his experiences, and the losses he incurred, as a result of drug abuse.

Ti Gonzi made the revelation amid reports fellow Zim dancehall chanter, Dobba Don, is now homeless after failing to deal with his drug addiction.

From his experience, he still feels Dobba Don can easily win the battle, if he makes the right choices, of what he wants in life.

Focus and a change of environment made Ti Gonzi win the battle.

If we can have more celebrities, and influential people of Ti Gonzi’s calibre, opening up about their drug abuse battles, we can help each other.

His case shows there are many well-to-do people fighting drug and substance abuse behind closed doors.

There are also some influential people who have survived drug abuse but are shy to share their stories.

By sharing such stories with the world, we give hope to those in despair and, of course, we provide a strong warning on the consequences of drug and substance abuse.

Hearing this message from survivors can easily send a strong message that can save lives.

Moreover, hearing this message coming from celebrities shows they are not immune to the challenges we also face.

On that note, those campaigning against substance abuse need to engage survivors as their ambassadors.

Gone are the days when drug and substance abuse survivors would be despised in society.

We need to embrace each other and utilise them to send the correct message.

As for drug addicts, we also need to embrace them for engagement.

By engaging them, we will be able to assist them fight these demons, through counselling and rehabilitation.

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