Editorial Comment: Dynamos family needs unity

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Editorial Comment: Dynamos family needs unity


GEORGE Shaya’s widow spoke from the heart, in a no-holds-barred attack on what she perceives to be a toxic environment, within the leadership structures of Dynamos Football Club.

She lamented what she felt was unfair, when her late husband, who is widely considered to be the greatest footballer to emerge in this country in history, could not get any helping hand from the club he served with distinction.

She detailed how her attempts to reach out to Dynamos board chairman, Bernard Marriot, for the Glamour Boys to chip in, and provide her with the financial help for her ailing husband to get medical attention, were rebuffed.

Shockingly, she even claimed some of her attempts, for a helping hand, were construed by some, within the DeMbare leadership, that it was part of her husband’s attempts to try and take over the Glamour Boys.

In her moment of fury, she even labelled Marriot as her “enemy.”

There are some who have questioned why she used an occasion, where the club’s sponsors, Sakunda Holdings, had come to pay her a visit, in the comfort of her new home, to speak about the internal issues which have bedevilled the Glamour Boys for years.

They say these are the very reasons a number of top companies decided to keep their distance from partnering Dynamos over the years, because they were not comfortable with having their brand being entangled in the club’s endless battles for its ownership.

But, as we saw from what Sakunda Holdings chief executive, Kuda Tagwirei did on that day, ordering his lieutenants to let her narrate her story, it’s important that all the issues, which have been stalking the Glamour Boys should be heard, and if possible, addressed.

That Marriot was absent, from a function where the principal sponsors of his club, who are virtually taking care of all the operational costs, were paying a courtesy call on the widow of the team’s greatest player, sending the signal that there are serious issues at the club, which need to be resolved.

Those issues cannot be simply wished away, by creating a fantasy world where everyone pretends that everything is well, simply because the Glamour Boys are doing well on the pitch and are top of the league table, when the opposite is                           true.

The good thing is that, for the first time in their history, Dynamos have a sponsor who really cares to make a difference, not only in terms of the results on the pitch, but also in terms of the state of their boardroom.

Tagwirei has repeatedly said he wants to see peace and unity in the Dynamos boardroom and a recognition being given to all the players who, at some point in their careers, played for the Glamour Boys.

A number of them have already been paid US$500 each just for having played for DeMbare and more initiatives are in the pipeline.

Everyone at Dynamos has a great opportunity to unite, at least, for the sake of this great club.

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