Editorial Comment : Empty promises, the soundtrack at Town House

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Editorial Comment : Empty promises, the soundtrack at Town House


LOYAL ratepayers and residents are now tired of the Harare City Council’s empty promises.

By now, they must be asking themselves what sin did they commit to deserve this punishment.

It has become a norm that each year comes with its empty promises.

This trend should come to an end for the sake of the residents.

Harare is the biggest city in Zimbabwe but the Sunshine status we are yearning for will remain a pipe dream.

The city fathers appear not to care as long as they pocket their hefty perks.

It has become normal that new brooms, which come into offices, keep copying from the same template since 2000.

It seems our councillors are only concerned with lining their pockets and getting new terms of office.

They are not even ashamed to continue holding similar workshops, retreats and outreach programmes, purportedly aimed at improving service delivery.

Sadly, experts and most vocal residents’ associations are also engaged during these consultative meetings.

These talk shows, disguised as strategic consultation meetings, which lack implementation, need to be revisited.

What really irks residents is that a lot of planning is done with no action to ensure residents are happy.

Some of the resolutions, which are passed during these consultative meetings, make sense but nothing comes into fruition.

Funds are also gobbled during these retreats, which have become popular with both old and new councillors.

Loyal ratepayers and residents don’t deserve this torture, if the city is to make progress.

This week, Harare mayor, Councillor Jacob Mafume, urged Council employees to adopt the 24-hour work model if a clean city is to be achieved before December 31.

He slammed Council employees, who sleep on duty, and vowed to flush them out.

Mayor Mafume vowed to change the culture of work among the City employees, most of them who only work eight hours during the day, before knocking off.

He believes it’s high time Harare emulates other cities who are operating a 24-hour system.

He made these remarks during a meeting with district and market officers held recently at Town House.

His idea is brilliant but it remains to be seen if the Council, which boasts of a bloated workforce, will adopt the new system which allows them to work 24 hours a day.

He said it takes a change of mindset for this new idea to bear fruits.

He also slammed laziness in the Council, where ghost workers are also milking the authorities.

He said the City can only be built if it moves with time like what the informal sector is doing.

Mayor Mafume also expressed his dismay over informal traders taking advantage of the Council workers, who knock off at the end of the day, and only return the next day.

With the capital now an eyesore, it’s high time the city fathers up their game.

Residents should also elect councillors who prioritise their welfare.

The culture of talk shows should come to an end, as residents and ratepayers deserve respect.

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