EDITORIAL COMMENT : Leave violent partners

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EDITORIAL COMMENT : Leave violent partners


IN today’s edition, we carry a story of the row between Stunner and his wife Dionne.

Allegations are that the rapper physically abused his wife at the weekend in Harare.

While the story will get a lot of hype because of Stunner and his girlfriend’s status, the fact is that such abuse is common among many people in relationships and in marriage.

Ladies must look out for violent characteristics in their boyfriends, even before marriage.

Many of them even go around talking about their boyfriends’ poor qualities, like short temper, possessiveness and violence as if these are fine qualities.

The whole purpose of dating is to see if the person you are going out with can be your lifetime partner.

If that person exhibits qualities that make them poor husbands or poor wives, it is wise to leave them and wait for a partner with more likeable characteristics.

The example set by some ladies – of leaving violent partners because of physical abuse – should be followed by many.

In fact, ladies should do what Dionne has done and report all cases of abuse to the police.

That way, abusive men can learn that they cannot take the law into their own hands by deciding to attack and injure their partners over whatever misunderstanding they might have had.

If it is Dionne, who broke the law first (by being violent against Stunner), then he should have reported her as well.

This idea of thinking that violence is a means of solving a problem, or disciplining a mate, should be pushed out of men’s minds.

We cannot have a world where one gender thinks they are superior to the other.

So, all men (and women on rare occasions) who exhibit tendencies of violence do not deserve to be marriage partners, as whatever tendencies they show during courtship, will likely become worse when they get married.

That impatience when one is late for an appointment, that burst of anger when you receive a call from a friend of the opposite sex, that shove when you enter into an argument, that slap when you wrong them . . . all these are signs that should be taken seriously.

One needs to make it clear that they will not be abused in a relationship – even a marriage – and such a stance ought to be taken at the first signs of violence.

Dionne has done well, if it is true that she was abused and reported her perpetrator to the police.

However, many women have taken such a stance and then went back on their word, because they “love the guy and can’t do without him.”

There is no human being who cannot be done without.

The mere fact that someone can die at any moment means life can and will go on in their absence.

Going back to violent partners means you have accepted their violence and you are willing to live with it.

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