Editorial comment: LET’S COOPERATE WITH NPA

THE National Prosecuting Authority’s stern warning for parents and guardians to report sexual assault cases involving close relatives offers hope to victims of abuse.

Cases of sexual assault, involving close relatives, are concealed, which defeats the whole purpose of bringing to book the culprits.

Such cases also involve vulnerable children, mentally challenged people and those living with disabilities.

With all these complications at play, most victims are dying in silence since they cannot speak out or expose their victims.

The NPA, which superintends these cases before prosecution, should step up its campaign to ensure people open up on these issues.

By holding campaigns that encourage victims to speak out, we are only doing something good to ourselves as the perpetrators get punished for their sins.

The sad reality is that most victims don’t know the procedures to follow to get help.

As it stands most cases end up being concealed and the perpetrators find a way to evade justice.

Cases of juvenile rape and sexual assault are critical matters which should be dealt with in court.

These are not cases to be resolved at the community and family level due to the gravity of the matters.

However, there are concerns that some cases, which have been reported, take longer to be processed before prosecution.

There are even some people who boast of powerful connections and claim they are untouchables after facing these allegations.

What we are only demanding from the NPA at the moment is for justice and sanity to prevail and ensure that we save the victims of juvenile rape.

School teachers should constantly monitor juveniles’ movements and create a friendly environment that enables them to speak out.

Other options involve encouraging victims to report these cases to Childline on the toll-free number 116.

The major challenge is the fear of the unknown which is still a major challenge when such cases involve close relatives.

Some of the perpetrators are breadwinners who are protected in some communities despite their shenanigans.

The police should step in and help victims expose the perpetrators who are using their influence and money to dodge prosecution.

Action is also needed against these perpetrators when such issues have been reported.

The NPA’s call can only yield results when parties cooperate and bring to book these culprits.

Lack of action will haunt us for years to come if we don’t address these issues.

Guardians of vulnerable children should not accept hush money or intimidation when they try to report such cases.

We expect guardians and parents of victims of child rape and sexual assault to be vocal and expose these monsters.

It’s high time people who commit these offenses for rituals are brought to book so that we can all help make the world a better place to live.

The NPA’s move can only yield results with our cooperation.

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