Editorial Comment: Let’s give credit where it is deserved

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Editorial Comment: Let’s give credit where it is deserved


A LOT of controversy has been generated, in the past few days, by the decision by the CAPS United management to accept a donation of tracksuits from a Good Samaritan.

Octopus Gas, whose owner is a staunch Makepekepe fan, with business interests in Harare and Johannesburg, donated tracksuits to his favourite club last week.

It was a good gesture towards a club which, in the past few months, has found itself in the limelight, for all the wrong reasons, as it battled turbulence brought by their desperate financial situation.

Club chief executive, Charlie Jones, whose arrival has helped steady the Green Machine ship with his tireless efforts to boost its revenue streams, sent an SOS to businesses, and other interested parties, to come on board and help CAPS United.

Octopus Gas responded to that call, thanks largely to the company owner’s lifelong romance with the Green Machine, and they felt their donation of tracksuits was the start of a lengthy partnership.

However, the colour of the tracksuits, which are predominantly blue, has caused an uproar at the Green Machine.

A section of their fans have reacted strongly to the gesture, demanding that the club’s leadership either reject the donation or stop using the tracksuits, because they claim the blue colour was a departure from the Green Machine identity. 

For years, Makepekepe have been known to be associated with the green and white colours.

To make matters worse, argue the fans, the blue colour is the one associated with their bitter rivals Dynamos.

One can understand the disappointment among the CAPS United supporters, especially given the way they are now being mocked, by other clubs’ fans, that they now resemble a mini-DeMbare.

To a true CAPS United fan, whose football romance has always been inspired by the quest to try and knock DeMbare off their perch, it’s the ultimate insult.

But, questions still have to be asked:

l Did the CAPS United fans, who have rebelled over the colour of the donated tracksuits know that their club was in desperate need of such equipment and, if so, what did they do to ensure they pooled resources, to acquire the equipment, and in the process safeguard their identity?

l  If they didn’t know, is it fair to suggest that they have alienated themselves too much, from what is happening at the club they say they love, with all their hearts, to such an extent they become irrelevant, in the challenges it faces, in its adventure?

l  If only one man, a supporter like themselves, could come up with a plan to secure the tracksuits for the team he loves, what could stop them, considering their strength in numbers, from doing so and safeguarding their identity?

l  Have they even pooled resources to secure things like mineral water, which the players can drink during their training sessions, as a way of demonstrating their commitment to the future of the club?

So many questions, very few answers.

This week, giants Barcelona announced they had sold a 25 percent stake in Barca Studios, just to raise US$102 million, to boost their empty coffers.

That’s the reality of today’s world.

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