Editorial comment: Let’s help this family

THE story of the four-year-old girl, who was kidnapped and raped in Mutoko in April, is very sad.
Her family is now appealing to well-wishers to assist them in getting her admitted to a rehabilitation institution.
A relative told H-Metro this week that doctors informed the family that they would soon discharge the girl from the Intensive Care Unit.
She was admitted to the ICU of a local hospital on April 22 following the sickening rape incident.
The relative said they received a call from the hospital last Friday and the doctors advised them that the abused child had suffered brain damage and lost her eyesight.
This has left the relatives quite traumatised as the condition of the girl keeps getting worse.
Now, they are seeking assistance from Good Samaritans to help the girl continue her rehabilitation after being discharged from hospital.
They have said they don’t have the financial resources to help them take care of the costs of the rehabilitation process.
One can only feel for them and the girl whose world changed when she was kidnapped on her way home from school in April.
Her suspected abductors, Pedo Samu (52) and Godfrey Gatsi (38), reportedly intended to kill her for ritual purposes.
Samu is said to have confessed that they intended to kill the girl for ritual purposes after being promised US$1 500 by Gatsi.
Last month, the High Court sentenced Tafadzwa Shamba and Tapiwa Makore Snr to death for killing Tapiwa Makore Jnr for rituals in 2020.
The schoolboy was murdered in September 2020 with the killers chopping his body into pieces.
His torso was found being mauled by dogs while his other body parts were found dumped in a pit latrine.
The torso was buried a year later and the head of the murdered schoolboy remains missing.
Tapiwa’s family is still demanding answers and is suffering the same way the family of the four-year-old, who was raped and brutalised in Mutoko, is also suffering.
We have been providing a platform for a condemnation of such sickening ritual practices that have seen young people being either raped or killed by some monsters disguised as human beings.
We believe it is our responsibility to continue to provide such a platform and we will not flinch an inch from doing just that.
At the same time, we appeal to all the Good Samaritans out there to come out and help the family of the poor girl who needs a helping hand for her to continue her rehabilitation.
This family is already suffering on a number of fronts, one of them being that they still have to deal with the trauma which was inflicted by this brutal sexual attack on their daughter.
Then, they have to deal with the deteriorating condition of the victim, which is never an easy task, and then, as if the case right now, try and find the money to foot her medical bills.
They really need a helping hand.

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