PROMOTION of science and technology remains key for our nation’s development.

And, we all get excited when he realises that we have some young students who are moving mountains in this field.

One such person is a Banket Form One student, who is trending, for his creative edge.

Yesterday, he made headlines after news broke out that he invented a model refrigerator which can be used by farmers in rural areas.

He says the solar powered refrigerator is capable of producing cool air and can be operated using rechargeable batteries.

This is quite refreshing.

It always feels good to know that, among our students, we have some who are prepared to go the extra distance.

These are the individuals who are not happy to just flow with the tide.

They want to be game-changers, in one way or the other, and they are always ready to test their intelligence by coming up with something that will get noticed by the entire country.

The relevant Ministries should support such youngsters because they deserve the backing and it’s the only way that they can change the world.

The Banket lad has already done wonders in his early teens and he should be encouraged to pursue his dreams.

We don’t know where this will take him but what we can’t do, as a nation, is not to back him up.

We are charmed with the feedback that our story has already generated among Zimbabweans.

Many Zimbabweans wrote to us yesterday revealing they were proud of Stefan Ngwira.

They were all saying that he deserves to be provided with support so that he can fulfill his dreams.

The good thing is that he is not the only young Zimbabwean who has come up with such a promising innovation.

The others also need to be supported.

The fact that he uses recycled material to come up with such inventions is also good news to environmentalists advocating for this practice.

Stefan needs guidance to help him fine-tune his creation.

He has demonstrated his capacity as a creative genius.

Most of our youngsters in rural areas are learning under harsh conditions as compared to their counterparts in urban areas.

But, they are refusing to let that affect their passion to make a difference.

His talent should not be allowed to go to waste.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education should take a leading role in encouraging creative students to keep their dreams alive.

The same applies to parents or guardians, looking after these intelligent lads, they need to support them so that they have a fair chance to go places in their chosen fields.

Most of the people who are now captains of our industry came from humble backgrounds.

A number of the successful people in Zimbabwe did not get it on a silver platter, they worked very hard to be where they are today.

As we celebrate the Banket Form One student’s invention, we should also encourage creative geniuses from humble backgrounds to keep dreaming big.

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