Editorial Comment: Let’s tame the chaos in Zim dancehall

10 Aug, 2022 - 00:08 0 Views
Editorial Comment: Let’s tame the chaos in Zim dancehall


WATCHING our showbiz stars sharing the stage under one roof should be every reveller’s ultimate desire.

It should be fun and not war.

Turning such events into battlefields is a big no for the development of the creative sector.

Such opportunities hardly come our way nowadays and they need to be enjoyed as and when it happens.

Most of the promoters, who used to call the shots back in the day, have either sunk into oblivion or fallen by the wayside.

Others have died as a result of stressed-induced pressure, which comes with music promotion.

It, therefore, means that such high profile gigs meant to celebrate local talent are now a treasure.

They should help us rekindle the sense of pride, loyalty and solidarity, which showbiz stakeholders have been yearning for over the years.

As is the case, most fans only watch their stars on television, and hear their voices on radio.

Those who can afford to buy newspapers, only follow them in the press.

And, in this digital era, some only follow them on social media.

But, it should be mentioned that social media is not enough to quench the hunger of fans.

And, watching these stars live in action, doing what they know best, should always create memories which can last a lifetime.

This can only be attained if we respect our stars.

These stars need our love and support for them to usher out all their artistic verve, each time they take to the podium.

However, there appears to be a new sickening trend of rascals, who have turned such events into war zones.

Our stars’ lives are now in danger because of these hoodlums who throw missiles on stage when they don’t like the artists.

The recently held Soul Jah Love’s commemoration gala at the Glamis Arena instantly comes to mind.

The event, which paraded more than 50 acts, was meant to celebrate the life and legacy of the departed liberation hero.

Stones, beer cans and logs were hurled onto the stage during the show.

These ugly scenes overshadowed the well-attended gig as fans were left scurrying for cover.

Event organisers, Chipaz Promotions, have since appealed to the police to arrest rascals who were caught on camera.

Prior to the show, the promoters appealed to fans to desist from throwing missiles onto the stage, when they are not in approval of certain artists.

This cancer is only rife at Zim dancehall shows where rowdy fans continue to spoil such events.

Zim dancehall, which has the potential to employ hordes of young people, continues to be tainted by rascals on the loose.

It’s high time such culprits are brought to book since the lives of fans are now at risk.

We cannot continue having similar cases at Zim dancehall shows.

With most chanters living from hand-to-mouth, banning such shows, until sanity prevails, will not be in their best interests.

However, there is need for stakeholders to take action against these rascals.

Let’s desist from violence at high-profile Zim dancehall gigs and simply have fun.

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