Editorial Comment: Let’s weed out rogue maids

THE four-year jail term handed over to an 18-year-old maid, who poisoned her employer’s food, has been trending on social and mainstream media platforms.

It’s a reminder that not all maids are fit for their jobs.

It comes at a time when many domestic workers are committing serious offences, which are generating a lot of headlines.

These crimes range from robbery, armed robbery, arson, theft, child abuse to indecent assault.

Most of these cases are premeditated as some of the maids are now harbouring criminals.

In this case, the now convicted maid committed the serious offence of attempted murder when she was a minor but was sentenced at 18.

It’s a clear sign that many of us are employing rogue maids.

The maid claimed she was reacting to not being paid by her employer, who is a cop.

The cop had a close shave with death after the maid laced her boss’ foodstuff with rat poison in protest over what she claims was unpaid work.

Surely, there were better ways for the two parties to resolve their differences.

The 18-year-old proved she was evil and was determined to end her boss’ life in cruel fashion.

Such cases are scary as maids are the ones who spend most of their time with our children.

If a maid can do this to her employer, it means she can also do the same to even the employer’s kids.

We need to be vigilant when we employ maids.

It’s better to employ maids from reputable agencies, with a traceable record of having worked in these fields.

This is the norm in many countries where employers get maids only from reputable agencies.

People should also desist from employing minors as maids since most of them need to be cared for.

Employing mature maids is advisable since their reasoning is better and they can deal with situations better than the inexperienced ones.

On the other hand, we also encourage all employers to pay their maids on time and never to take advantage of their vulnerability.

A number of maids have, over the years, been complaining against verbal, sexual and other abuses at the hands of their employers.

People who can’t afford maids should simply stop bothering them as they also need to survive.

Most of them are committing serious offences as a way of revolting against their heartless employers.

In cases where employers are finding it difficult to pay their maids on time, they need to engage them rather than ignore them as if they are slaves.

Payment plans can also be made to avoid creating rifts with their maids.

Maids, like their employees, are also bread-winners who need their payment on time.

Rogue maids should never be entertained in our homes.

Creating a good working environment for the maids is good for the employers.

It means that the maids will put everything into their work.

This can only mean a very good home for both the maids and the employers.

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