EDITORIAL COMMENT : MADNESS and Dynamos are like Siamese twins

23 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
EDITORIAL COMMENT : MADNESS and Dynamos are like Siamese twins


THERE is always that expectation something very bad will come out of the Glamour Boys camp.

We even get surprised on the occasions a period of relative tranquility appears to take root at the Glamour Boys.

We actually get surprised, shocked even, when a semblance of order appears to be prevailing at DeMbare.


Because we have become so used to the chaos which appears to be the DNA of the country’s biggest football club.

A club where a coach, who had won four straight league titles, is told that he has become excess to requirements, as was the case with Callisto Pasuwa in 2014.

It didn’t matter to the confused decision makers that Pasuwa had just arrived after the Glamour Boys had won just one league title in 14 years.

Neither did it matter to them that, at the time they turned to him, with 18 games played during the 2011 season, Dynamos were struggling and had a deficit, in terms of points difference with leaders FC Platinum, which ran into double figures.

That Pasuwa turned all that around, and ended up delivering the championship, during that season, transforming a crisis into a success story, didn’t matter at all.

It doesn’t matter to them, too, that the Glamour Boys haven’t won a league title, since Pasuwa left, while the coach has won a further three titles, since their acrimonious divorce.

For eight years now, Dynamos have been waiting for the championship, the second longest barren run in their history.

And, when they finally hired a decent coach, Tonderai Ndiraya, who has made them dream again, took them to the top of the league standings and assembled a decent team, they decided to mess it up with a shocking decision to suspend him on Saturday?


They say he has become arrogant and was starting to consider himself to be something bigger than the club.

That’s utter rubbish.

For an entire executive committee to claim that a coach had become more powerful than them is a sick joke.

It probably exposes them as a dysfunctional unit, a group of men who cannot rein in an individual, which explains why they have failed to find money to foot the club’s winning bonuses.

They should be asking themselves what is our role at Dynamos if we are failing to raise money to pay our players their winning bonuses?

If they are true to themselves, they will realise that it’s them, instead of the coach, who should be suspended.

How many coaches have come and gone at Dynamos, in the last eight years, and why is the club failing to win the championship if the gaffers were the problem?

Why don’t the leaders look at themselves in the mirror where they will realise that, maybe, they are the problem, instead of the coaches?

This madness at DeMbare must stop, at least, for the sake of the sponsors whose name is now being dragged in the mud.


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