EDITORIAL COMMENT : Mai TT lost in a storm of shame

COMEDIENNE Mai TT’s reaction to the leaking of her daughter Felisha’s nude photos on the internet was very disappointing.

Felisha sent the internet into overdrive this week after her nude pictures were leaked on the internet.

At 17, she is still young and that explains why the first reaction from the public was that she had been abused in a case of a revenge attack.

But, when her mother reacted, she appeared to suggest she didn’t care that her teenage daughter’s nude photos were on the internet.

She appeared to send a message that this was all normal simply because others, including artists, have had their nude photos splashed on the internet.

To us, this didn’t paint the image that this was a caring mother but one who has been lost to a fake world in which she now believes that such shame is acceptable.

And, to make matters worse, Mai TT appeared to encourage her daughter to dump more nude pictures onto the internet.

For us, this was telling.

It answered the question on who had done this and Mai TT gave us a clue that Fifi was the one who had posted her nude photos on the internet.

Yesterday, Mai TT was posting that she had been the best possible mother to her two kids and she was proud with the way she has raised them.

We know it’s not an easy job for a single mother to raise two kids and credit should be given to Mai TT for doing so.

But, the big question for us is — what kind of people does Mai TT want her kids to become when they grow up?

Surely, we don’t believe that she is someone who wants them to be known as people who can dump their nude photos on the internet for whatever reason.

Most of the mothers we know want to see their daughters become professionals, in whatever they choose to do, and work for themselves and their families.

They want to see their daughters become bankers, lawyers, magistrates, judges, teachers and whatever profession they can choose.

They want to see their daughters grow up and one day get married, raise a family and live happily ever after.

We don’t know of normal mothers who want their daughters to be remembered for their nude photos which were splashed online.

Mai TT appears to be an exception and that is quite shameful.

She should know that there will come a time when Fifi has to stand on her own, as a woman, and not as Mai TT’s daughter.

She deserves a good future and that should not be spoiled by a mother who appears to think there is normalcy in Fifi flooding the internet with her nude photos.

Mai TT has now become a danger to her children.

She appears to be lost in a reality world.

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