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CASES of infidelity involving pastors and their congregants are not only sickening, but are increasing.

On Monday, we reported that an AFM pastor was bashed during a church service for bedding two sisters – aged 20 and 18.

The bed-hopping pastor was allegedly preying on church congregants.

Further allegations say the so-called man of God had turned his Warren Park house into a love nest.

And, the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe pastor was humiliated during a church service when an infuriated woman teamed up with her sister and gave him a thrashing.

He was stripped and humiliated in front of members of the flock he is supposed to lead.

The cases are involving mainly senior pastors, according to our findings.

A lot of questions remain unanswered as to why this new scourge of predators, in the form of church pastors, is on the increase.

Have our pastors become sex maniacs that can’t control their feelings?

Has the house of God been turned into a den for easy targets for sex predators, in the form of church pastors?

Have our sisters become so loose that they throw themselves at these morons?

These are some of the questions people will always ask each time this matter of rogue pastors is brought to the fore.

The same people, who are supposed to preach the eternal gospel of having faith in God and righteousness, are the ones desecrating the place of worship.

While God’s work is said to be a calling, it’s unfortunate how these pastors are now preying on unsuspecting congregants.

It’s also sad how gullible congregants have become as the majority of the victims only realise it later after being violated.

As such, congregants need to be firm and resolute in defending themselves against lustful pastors.

The major challenge is most congregants have the fear of the unknown to expose these pastors who have brought shame to the ministry.

Exposing these rogue pastors to church elders, or even to the police, can help in bringing these notorious agents of the devil to book.

However, there are some church elders who protect these church pastors for reasons best known to them.

In the worst scenarios, such cases are even concealed to the extent that most victims die in silence.

There is a general belief among congregants that church pastors are pure and righteous, and that notion is                                         false.

This scourge deserves urgent attention.

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