EDITORIAL COMMENT: People with albinism deserve love

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: People with albinism deserve love


IN life, there are conditions and situations beyond our control.

Health issues and disability are some of the conditions and situations that we don’t apply for.

Some of these conditions might be hereditary while others are as a result of nature or accidents.

One of the conditions, which many people on the African continent are failing to embrace, is albinism.

In Zimbabwe, there are some people who still treat people with albinism as outcasts and curses.

Despite all the campaigns being held in Zimbabwe to embrace people with albinism, it’s unfortunate they are still being despised.

Back in the day, people with albinism would be killed in some communities. Some fathers would flee from home for good after giving birth to children with the condition.

It later dawned that albinism was just a biological condition, which can be managed when resources are available.

According to scientists, albinism affects the production of melanin, the pigment that colours skin, hair and eyes. Scientists also noted that albinism leads to reduced amounts of melanin, or no melanin at all.

As such, one of the major effects of albinism, if not well managed, are sight problems.

Therefore, this rare genetic condition caused by mutations of certain genes that affect the amount of melanin your body produces, needs to be contained.

A change of mindset among people is needed to help our fellows who are living with albinism.

Despising people with the condition is totally unacceptable since they did not choose to be what they are.

We should also note that our peers with albinism are also human and, therefore, need our love.

Some of them occupy top leadership positions while others have been instrumental in nation building.

Others have also excelled in various disciplines, which is a sign we are all human. It’s really sad when we read stories about families hiding or neglecting their children with this condition.

On Friday, we ran a touching story involving a Sunningdale family, which has come under fire from neighbours for ill-treating their relative with albinism. His problems started when he returned home after fleeing xenophobia in South Africa where he worked for 11 years.

The 36-year-old man’s family had promised to accommodate him when he returned but they started shifting goalposts.

The man is now believed to be sleeping in a bathroom, is being denied food and is now being forced to eat at funerals. This has angered residents who protested against the inhuman treatment of the man.

What is really sad is that the man is now exposed to bad weather elements, which can worsen his condition.

Such heartless acts by the Sunningdale family have been roundly condemned.

Even fellow Sunningdale residents have said they are ready to even demonstrate against the family for the way they are ill-treating their relative.

The unity and solidarity demonstrated by the Sunningdale residents is commendable in this era where people need to show each other love.

Albinism, like any other condition, can be managed once people show each other true love. 

In short, let’s embrace our relatives with albinism.

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