Editorial comment: PROBE UK AGENCY BOSS

A UK-BASED healthcare agency boss, who allegedly torments desperate Zimbabwean job seekers in the United Kingdom, has been unmasked by H-Metro.

Gladys Chingoka, who runs Home Support Services, stands accused of fleecing and mistreating fellow Zimbabweans, who are now working under her wing.

She has also been accused of paying her employees as low as £150 per month despite their contracts stating they work 39 to 40 hours.

Further allegations indicate she has been blocking them from taking other jobs as well as threatening them with deportation if they defy her orders.

It’s sad to note that a fellow Zimbabwean is exploiting her kith and kin.

To make matters worse, the contractors pay her wages for her employees and training but she still won’t meet the workers’ demands.

And, in her quest to mislead the contractors, she allegedly creates two pay slips one for the government and one for employees.

This shows that she is, indeed, a crook who should be probed against her insensitive actions.

With many people going to the UK looking for greener pastures, a £150 per month salary is a mockery for the sacrifice they would have made.

Although she is yet to respond to the allegations, overwhelming evidence gathered shows that she is a heartless woman.

Chingoka is back home to recruit more employees, which shows that she even wants to expand her portfolio.

She even wants more employees so that her earnings are boosted at the expense of those who are       putting in the sweat and the hours.

With many people leaving their families in search of greener pastures in the UK, one would have expected people like Chingoka to ensure they don’t take that opportunity to defraud these individuals.

They are not slaves, they are workers.

All they are looking for are some jobs and a fair return, in terms of wages, so that they can take care of their families.

They have many dependants back home who now look up to them to make a difference in terms of putting food on the table.

To treat them as slaves, by paying them slave wages, while the bank balances of people like Chingoka, and others, continue to balloon, is very unfair.

The UK authorities should probe this matter and save desperate employees who are suffering at the hands of Chingoka.

This form of slavery should come to an end.

Her case has also exposed what many people in the UK or the diaspora are going through.

In the eyes of many, we assume that all is rosy in the diaspora where job opportunities are still open.

It’s quite unfortunate to note that some of the people in the diaspora are struggling to make ends meet.

There are also some who are stuck abroad as their lives are in the hands of such insensitive agencies like those run by Chongoka.

This madness should not be allowed to continue.

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