Editorial Comment: Security at Parirenyatwa leaves a lot to be desired

REPORTS of some bogus doctors operating at Parirenyatwa are quite disturbing.

Within a week,  three bogus doctors have been nabbed at the country’s biggest referral hospital.

First to be nabbed was Felix Tagonera, who masqueraded as a gynaecologist.

Afterwards, Douglas Mutoredzanwa was arrested after he was caught holding an X-ray upside down.

The latest bogus doctor to be nabbed is Blessing Nyanzira, who was remanded in custody.

Parirenyatwa Loss Control officer, Claude Nyangani, has been hailed for due diligence, which has led to the arrest of Nyazira.

Nyangani is said to have noticed that there was something wrong with Nyazira and started monitoring his movements.

He then confronted him to identify himself and that is when Nyazira struggled to show that he was a bona fide doctor working at Parirenyatwa.

At first, Nyanzira claimed he was a Medical student at the University of Zimbabwe.

After verification, with the UZ Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Services, it was discovered he was a fake doctor.

We are now told that Nyazira once registered to pursue medicine but deferred his studies when he encountered some personal problems.

Whatever the case, this did not give him the greenlight to go to Parirenyatwa and pretend he was a doctor.

You have to qualify to be a doctor and it’s a long process.

Anything that doesn’t fulfil that process is gambling with people’s lives and that is very dangerous.

There is nothing more important in this world than people’s lives.

Once lost, a life cannot be replaced.

Those who are sick go to hospitals like Parirenyatwa because they know that is the kind of place where they can get the expert help they require for them to be treated.

They invest all their trust in these medical personnel because they know that they have completed the training required for them to treat patients.

We should feel comfortable going to places like Parirenyatwa.

The last thing we expect is for us to be treated by bogus doctors.

The security bosses at Parirenyatwa have a lot of work to do and they know that the systems were flawed because when you have the right systems, bogus doctors cannot even try their luck at such a huge hospital.

It’s something that they have to work on and ensure their systems will not allow this to happen again. If the security system was good enough to lead to the arrest of Nyazira, why was it not good enough to ensure that these bogus doctors do not operate at this hospital in the first place?

The rot should be stopped and a message to be sent out there so that patients’ trust can be restored.

We all have a duty to play to ensure that key national institutions like Parirenyatwa are not abused by people who don’t deserve to be there.

If those who have the responsibility to safeguard are coming short, then we can look for others who can do the job better.

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