Editorial comment: Shamed teachers have destroyed their lives

THE two married Harare teachers’ adulterous affair, which started as workplace romance, is quite disturbing.

Thomas Chikanga (51) and his lover Nomathamsanga Nyathi (36) were busted by the later’s husband in Budiriro at the weekend after a tip-off.

H-Metro, as usual, was there when the drama exploded at the weekend in Budiriro.

Noma is married to a soldier based in Kwekwe while Chikanga told H-Metro he was contemplating taking her as his second wife.

It has been established that Chikanga would sleep over at Noma’s house in Budiriro, leaving around 4 am, to ensure that he is not spotted by his lover’s children.

After weeks of gathering information, the husband finally caught the two married cheats between the sheets in his bedroom.

Noma tried to justify her shenanigans saying she was sex-starved since her husband had been away for some months.  

Chikanga claimed Noma had told him she was single.

The only positive thing from this drama was the soldier’s composure as the fracas unfolded.

He didn’t attack the lovers even though he was capable of committing a crime of passion.

This is the kind of reaction we expect from people when they catch their lovers in compromising positions.

Violence is not the answer.

In this case, we have learnt that we still have mature people in our midst who can handle such tricky situations with remarkable maturity.

The evidence the husband has gathered is enough for him to take legal action against Chikanga.

Noma should have ended his marriage with the soldier first if she was no longer interested in him.

All the drama could have been avoided had the woman ended the marriage.

At 36, she is still young to start a new life with another lover of her choice but this has to be done in a procedural way.

Now, she has damaged her reputation and, in the case of divorce, she is unlikely to find good suitors wanting to take her as their wives.

Chikanga has already said that he doesn’t feel he should continue his affair with Noma because she lied to him.

He knows that what happened in Budiriro on Saturday could have ended in tragic circumstances if Noma’s husband had reacted violently, as we have seen in such cases in the past.

He also knows that if Noma could cheat on her husband, and be bold enough to invite him to sleep in her bedroom, then she can cheat again and this time it would be him who would be duped.

It will take a lot for them to build their battered profiles.

Imagine how their pupils are feeling right now?

These little Grade 4 kids have also lost trust in these two teachers.

Imagine these two teachers trying to teach these kids about the value of marriage and the dangers of adultery?

How do they project their message when they are villains in these subjects?

Cheating should be avoided at all costs because the repercussions are too grave to contemplate.

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