EDITORIAL COMMENT: Speak out about mental health issues

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Speak out about mental health issues Sharing experiences and how they conquered will certainly help thousands of people trapped by the scourge.


SONGBIRD Pauline Ngundidza’s recent confession that she was an alcoholic and a survivor of depression shows that celebrities are not spared from this cobweb.

The mother of two revealed that she was determined to help others who might be facing similar demons.

She clearly indicated that she didn’t want young people to fall into the same trap. She said she accepted her condition, which helped her to win the fight against addiction.

After surviving the self-inflicted problem, Pauline has started a campaign against alcohol and drug abuse, and is also providing free counselling to those suffering from depression.

Under her programme, she teaches young people about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, which led to her suffering from depression.

Her campaign and confession will help other victims in similar predicaments that no situation is permanent, as long as one is determined to work their way out of it.

Judging by her influence and following, Pauline did the right thing by opening up about her struggles with alcoholism.

She called on families to unite and help their relatives facing mental health issues.

In her campaign, she is also using music to fight against the new cancer.

She has since opened a studio with Fuzzy L to ensure they keep young people busy. At the studio, they teach about the dangers of drug and substance abuse.

Her campaign has come at the right time when the Presidium denounced drug and substance abuse during the National Youth Day celebrations in Lupane on February 21.

President Mnangagwa said it was high time drug paddlers were caged and stiffer penalties handed to them.

But it’s refreshing when young celebrities come out in the open about the problem and then join the fight against alcohol abuse.

There are quite a lot of celebrities in Pauline’s predicament, who can assist us to win this battle.

Her stance to open up is a clear sign that mental health issues are real.

The sad reality is that we have selfish people who have won these battle but are not opening up to help others overcome.

Sharing experiences and how they conquered will certainly help thousands of people trapped by the scourge.

Some people suffering from depression bottle their problems until it’s too late.

We need to help each other overcome the trying times we are living in.

It’s not easy overcoming an addiction, and strong support is needed for one not to relapse.

A relapse may occur when one mingles with the wrong people.

This should be avoided at all costs to ensure that we don’t lose a whole generation to mental issues triggered by alcohol and drug abuse.

Maybe it’s time to introduce such campaigns from kindergarten by teaching our little kids about the dangers of drug abuse.

This will ensure they grow up equipped with full knowledge of what not to indulge in.

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