EDITORIAL COMMENT : Stay away from married people

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EDITORIAL COMMENT : Stay away from married people


THE word “cheat” and its cousins – adultery, illicit affair and others – has become commonplace in the media, and in life, in general.

A number of men have been behaving badly in our society, especially when it comes to staying true to their marriage vows.

While adultery is widespread – even with married women – it is the men who have been prominent in instigating it.

If husbands stop cheating and become responsible fathers, few women will ever be adulterous.

Allegations in today’s article might be a bit on the exceptional side but usually, it is men who cheat on their wives for no apparent reason.

Husbands to faithful wives and responsible mothers constantly cheat these innocent partners and expose them to HIV and Aids.

However, one party is often ignored in the whole scheme of adultery – the outsider who interferes in marriage knowing fully well that the person they are messing with is married.

Here, sadly, young women are guilty.

When young women interfere in marriages, without shame or fear, and have relations with other people’s husbands, they are creating a monster that will haunt them when they get married tomorrow.

What they are doing is actually a crime that should be punishable by law.

Research has shown that divorce has far-reaching, long-lasting effects, both on the personal lives and well-being of women who get divorced, and on society, as a whole.

Many studies have concluded that divorce affects women more powerfully and more negatively than it affects men, personally, emotionally and financially.

But, it is also up to women of all ages to stay away from married men as this can reduce the number of adultery cases in the country.

Having an affair with someone’s husband or wife is a crime, especially if the person is married under Chapter 5:11.

While men have been blamed for not sticking to their marriage vows and having affairs that destroy their relationships, it should be noted that they need a female to commit this crime.

However, most people in affairs with married people actually know that their “partners” are married and some try their level best to snatch the husband or wife from their spouses.

That is immoral and activists must preach this to the masses and seek to have the perpetrators punished by law, whether financially or through another way.

There have been calls for Zimbabwe to criminalise adultery as a way of curbing moral decay and these should be amplified to guard against the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Children are increasingly growing up in abusive and split families because of the ever-increasing rate of divorce.

They are forced to grow up with a step parent, who does not cater for their needs as their biological parent would have done.

They are made to witness between the divorced parties and, more often than not, they suffer psychologically because of the trauma this brings to them.

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