Editorial Comment: Step kids deserve love too

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Editorial Comment: Step kids deserve love too


RAISING children is a God-given talent, which comes with its own demands and challenges.

Children need love, food, shelter, sound education and protection, against all forms of abuse.

Guardians or parents are required to play their roles with distinction. This will ensure that we give our kids a decent life and bright future.

Bringing up kids in a decent manner is something that should be done by all parents and guardians.

Abusing children attracts both custodial and non-custodial sentences.

In most cases, orphans or the vulnerable, suffer under the mercy of their guardians. Orphans are usually at the receiving end when they are under the custody of irresponsible, abusive and reckless parents/guardians.

Some of these kids have suffered a lot under the care of their step mothers or step daddies.

Such children’s future is also blighted once their guardians, or adopted parents, are not responsible people.

Their situation is compounded by guardians who pretend to love them only to show their true colours, in future, once they settle down.

Research has also shown that a huge number of children raised by either step mothers, or step fathers, are strangers to peace.

In fact, a significant number of these kids have lost hope owing to the abuse they are subjected to.

In yesterday’s issue, we carried a spine-chilling story of a man who killed his two-year-old step-daughter for soiling her pants.

The innocent soul was beaten to death and buried in a shallow grave by the man who wanted to conceal the heinous act. 

The mother of the child was also subjected to abuse after the heartless man tried to silence her from exposing the matter. She was held hostage by her husband for weeks in an attempt to conceal the matter.

However, the matter was exposed after she managed to escape from the hostage. 

The man was finally arrested, prosecuted and jailed 10 years.  

While the man has been jailed, readers are yet to come to terms on how a man can beat a two-year-old to death.

Of course, the kid had messed herself but that does not justify the abuse she encountered.

The Chinhoyi abuse is one of the several cases being encountered by children from some of the step parents.

There are also numerous children suffering from sexual, emotional and physical abuse. As a way forward, we simply need to show each other love when we decide to settle with partners, who already have children, from previous marriages.

Partners, who have children from the previous marriages should, never conceal such important information.

Hiding such information has fuelled gender-based violence as well as the abuse of the children. Those who decide to settle with single parents need to make their minds up before such unions.

They also need to get along with the kids of their new partners to ensure there is love and peace in the house.

Step kids are not symbols for abuse and, just like any other children, they are crying out for love.

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