EDITORIAL COMMENT: Suicide never an option

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Suicide never an option


GUILTY conscience, depression and despair are the major causes of suicide.

People suffering from any of the above need special attention. The special help they deserve comes in the form of professional counselling.

Delays in helping suicidal people has led to the loss of human life.

Such cases are premeditated, which makes them manageable when victims get help early.

Failure to manage these people has always ended in tears.  Suicidal people are usually volatile, reserved and in some cases fragile. 

Extreme poverty, heartbreaks, debts and anxiety can lead people to do the unthinkable – committing suicide.

This can be handled when such problems are shared. Sharing problems with the right people is the only remedy needed to address such cases.

However, some of the victims don’t share their problems or leave suicidal notes, when they take away their lives.

Today, we are running a sad story involving a Kwekwe man, who committed suicide, a month after his wedding.

The couple was expected to enjoy marital bliss after the union, which brought business to a standstill in Kwekwe.

Reports say the man downed some poisonous substance to end his life, under unclear circumstances.

Some reports claim the man took away his life in shame after being caught in a compromising position with his male friend.

With theories still flying, the bottom line is that suicide is never an option when trouble comes.

Counselling would have helped this man. It’s also high time people respect the sanctity of life rather than resorting to unfashionable ways of ending life.

By committing suicide, one is not being fair to dependants or people who look up to him or her.

Experts brand suicide as the worst form of being selfish. In most cases, suicidal people usually leave their families or partners depressed.

As a way forward, suicidal people need to be helped while it is still early, when they start exhibiting their symptoms.

Kids, too, are not spared from this web as cases of teens committing suicide continue to grab headlines in the press.

It, therefore, takes the responsibility of guardians or parents to understand their kids’ needs. Some children have committed suicide because of bullying at schools and the communities we live.

As such, parents/guardians should have healthy relations with the kids.

The way we raise our kids has a bearing on their behaviour.

The same applies to young couples or partners who need counselling all the time to ensure they don’t find themselves in these situations.

Lovers also need to leave room for disappointment when they fall in love.

To those in despair, they need to have faith in the Lord and seek help from the right people like counsellors and elders.

The comfort comes from the reality that we can all play a part to help those who will have been pushed, by a combination of factors, to the edge.

But, those who are suffering should open the path for others to come into their corner and help them.

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