Editorial Comment: These monsters deserve the toughest punishment

WE have seen cases of people, who are committing ritual murders to ‘boost’ their business empires, rise in recent months.

These monsters are even killing close relatives as part of their dark arts.

Some are even killing their own children in pursuit of such ‘easy money.’

Where they get the courage to kill, for ritual purposes, remains a mystery.

In business, nothing beats proper planning and investment.

After the much-publicised Tapiwa Makore’s ritual murder, which has led to two people being sentenced to death, we thought people had learnt a lesson and the dangers of such diabolical acts.

It’s a case, which dragged on for three years, before justice was delivered.

However, it is clear that we still have evil men in our midst who don’t value the sanctity of life.

One such evil man is a Gokwe artisanal miner, who killed his one-year old daughter, to ‘boost’ his business.

The 38-year-old told the police that he killed his daughter using a knife.

He was acting on the instructions of a sangoma who ordered him to kill his daughter.

The evil dad was arrested after the girl went missing for some days.

In committing the offence, the man showed he was worse than a monster and he belongs in jail.

He never considered the pain his wife endured as she carried the child for nine months as well as raising her baby for one year.

It shows that he is a heartless man who should be punished.

The same sangoma, who ordered the man to kill his daughter, should also be arrested.

The sangoma is an accomplice in this case.

We can’t afford to let evil sangomas on the loose as they are accomplices in the committing of such crimes.

The same goes for self-styled prophets who order people to commit similar crimes.

The sad reality is that most of these offences are committed by people chasing after easy money.

People should learn to work hard and be innovative to succeed in life.

As we always say, there is no short cut to success.

Laziness, and the need to ritual money, has led to loss of life, as is the case with the Gokwe murder.

The Gokwe murder could have been avoided had the artisanal miner concentrated on his job.

He took away a young flower, which deserves a chance to bloom.

Now that the man has been arrested, another example should be set to ensure that such ritual murderers are punished.

We can’t afford to continue harbouring such evil men who don’t respect human life.

Life is precious and no one should be deprived of the right to live.

Ritual murderers should be condemned in the strongest terms to make the world a better place to live.

The Gokwe murderer deserves the toughest punishment possible so that the right signals are sent that this is something that we will not tolerate in this country.

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