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TODAY, the Zimpapers Group celebrates yet another milestone as the market leader in publishing, broadcasting and printing industry in this country.

This follows the launch of the stable’s much-anticipated television channel, Zimbabwe Television Network Prime.

It will start showing on DSTV Channel 294 next week.

Today’s event will be just a formal launch of the channel.

The channel will certainly cement ZTN Prime’s birth as game-changers in content creation, and synergies with other stakeholders, in television production.

Not only is the new channel expected to rule the roost, among local television channels, but it will certainly be an option to many viewers.

ZTN Prime has also brought cheer among independent content creators who were stuck with their content.

This follows our thrust where 40 percent of the content will come from independent producers.

It’s no doubt that new trends have been set and now the ball is in the content creators’ courts to shine.

However, content of superior quality will only be accepted.

Already, some of ZTN Prime’s programmes, like The Couch, Pink Diaries, Simply Gents, Days at Ekasi, among others, have been embraced by viewers after months of airing via Facebook live streaming.

As ZTN Prime opens yet another exciting chapter, the channel is assuring viewers that it will thrive on its unique story-telling.

Issues of national interest will also be shared in a unique way that appeals globally.

Being a new baby under the spotlight, ZTN Prime will not shut out viewers but rather welcome their feedback.

It is the feedback that can take the channel far as has always been the case since day one.

Since television production comes with high costs, ZTN Prime embraces partners, in the form of sponsors and advertisers, to ensure that no one will be left behind.

Of course, ZTN Prime might have delayed to launch its channel but there is always time and seasons for everything under the sun.

However, it will not be a stroll in the park considering the challenging economic situations.

ZTN Prime can only remain firm and resolute and hope for the best times ahead.

Like any other ambitious television channel, ZTN Prime has said it will continue training its staff to ensure they maintain international standards of professionalism and conduct expected of them.

As game-changers, especially among local television stations, the ZTN Prime team has guaranteed quality programming and great programmes will become the staple diet for the viewers.

ZTN Prime says it will, indeed, be the channel of choice.

The television channel that viewers cannot afford to skip and the team believes they will be able to build a substantial and very loyal support base.

There is excitement that this will be the dawn of a new era for Zimbabwean television and the ZTN Prime team knows there is a wave of expectation among viewers in this country.

The ball, after the formal launch today, will be in the court of the ZTN Prime team to make a difference.

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