EDITORIAL COMMENT : Violence is not the answer

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EDITORIAL COMMENT : Violence is not the answer


SO, a man can be so sick as to attempt to murder his wife because she reported him to the police for physically abusing him?

We once carried a very painful story of a divorce, which turned nasty, as the husband tried to set his ex-wife on fire in the house.

Then we also published a story of an estranged lover, who allegedly murdered a love rival before pouring acid on his lover, in what was again termed as a crime of passion.

No man has the right to kill even his wife, for wanting out of a marriage.

Yet, we continue to see these shocking crimes, especially against women.

Many women are beaten up every other day by abusive partners around Zimbabwe.

It is a gross violation of the principles upon which marriage is built and should never be condoned.

When the people are not married, the abuse is even more shocking as they have no legal entitlement to each other.

This should not be mistaken to mean that any man, or woman, has a right to attempt to kill or abuse their spouse in any way.

Both marriage parties shall stay true to each other and must not break the vows they made or the principle of faithfulness, and love, upon which any other marriage is built.

Men who physically abuse their wives, could never have an explanation for their violent attack of their wives.

Whatever the wife did, and it does not matter how many times she has done it, violence is never the answer to these problems.

One mistake, in a physical confrontation, can turn the husband into a murderer.

And, the fact that the lady had insulted or cheated on him, is certainly no defence.

Murder is murder, it cannot be justified, whatever the circumstances.

Peaceful efforts to try and mend relationship challenges usually bear fruit.

But, soon after the first talks hit a brick wall, husbands resort to violence and end up on the police wanted list.

Men, especially, must realise that violence is not a solution to any problem they may have with their partners.

Reports of domestic violence dominate the media and range among the common at the magistrates courts, largely because of men who think violence is the answer.

In the majority of cases, violence is the main catalyst towards the collapse of relationships.

There is a need for us, as a people and a country, to change the way we have been dealing with challenges which affect our relationships.

This tendency to resort to violence, as a way of resolving the challenges, is not the right one and it has not only destroyed relationships but it has also destroyed lives.

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