Editorial Comment: We must treasure our freedom

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Editorial Comment: We must treasure our freedom


WE have just emerged from celebrating our Independence.

The day was filled with festivities, but this freedom was not something we got easily.

Earning it was no stroll in the park given that a lot of blood was lost.

Today, here we are, enjoying the fruits of that blood and sweat.

Freedom of worship – though abused at times – is one of the privileges many take for granted. 

The fact that everyone in this country is free to worship God the way they want – as long as they do not interfere with other people’s liberties – is something we should all treasure.

Yes, some are abusing the privilege and fleecing people out of their cash through religion and deserve all the condemnation possible, but the fact that someone can practice their religion in Zimbabwe, is something worth celebrating.

In many countries, there are bans on certain religions imposed, mainly because the leaders in those countries share different religious beliefs, which they want to impose on everyone.

Since April 18, 1980, our leaders have allowed people to freely practice their religions and different methods of worship. 

They have let people form new church denominations. 

Local pastors and prophets have grown to attain iconic status because the country allows freedom of worship.

There is also peace all over the country.

In Zimbabwe we actually welcome visitors and treat them like royalty.

Foreigners in Zimbabwe get more respect here than they do in their own countries.

It’s an example which the rest of the continent – and world – must emulate for us to have a better world.

Xenophobic attacks and racist remarks are rampant in many countries, around the world, but in Zimbabwe, this is all taboo as our leaders have created a society where there is respect for everyone.

For a number of foreign media organisations, Zimbabwe is fair game, a country whose profile should be battered, at any given time.

We know the reason for that – it’s because, in taking back our land, we confronted the western powers that be, in a way no African country has done before.

Or, as we can see, is likely to do again, in the near future.

The people that have been coming into Zimbabwe, over the past 20 years, testify that we remain one of the most beautiful and safest places to visit in the world.

As a people, we should treasure these priceless things, like the smile we see on a stranger, the sight of children going to school and people coming from church. 

It is those little things that make Zimbabwe a great nation.

It is those small things that are a sign of true independence that is worth treasuring.

Sometimes we forget to smile.

We forget to value the benefits of the sweat and blood which won us the right to enjoy these freedoms. 

We are a happy people and it is all thanks to the sacrifices of the men and women, who died for our Independence.

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