EDITORIAL COMMENT: We salute the all-female CID crack team

THE all-female CID Homicide crack squad, which tracked down and nabbed a suspected serial killer, has been trending for all the right reasons.

It’s refreshing to read about their exploits and the huge part they played in the arrest of the suspect.

Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu is being accused of terrorising fellow homeless people in Harare for the past few weeks.

He is accused of killing five people in cold blood.

Given the nature of the crimes he faces, Thandolwenkosi is no doubt a monster in the eyes of many.

The chilling reports that he killed his victims and ate human flesh have sent social media into meltdown.

Thandolwenkosi targeted the homeless, who were fast asleep, and crushed their heads before removing body parts.

The all-female crack team of four police officers did a fantastic job to track him down and arrest him.

The quartet deserves to be saluted as they managed to execute their mission within a short space of time.

Their bravery and dedication to duty have made them true heroines.

The CID Homicide chiefs should be applauded for believing in their female employees.

A clear message has been sent that our female counterparts can also perform daunting tasks at the workplaces.

Gone are the days when female employees were only given light assignments.

Female employees have shown they can also deliver their best should they just be given the support and backing by their bosses.

This all-female crack team has just shown that nothing is impossible and women are also human beings who can do a good job in just about every sphere of our lives.

Being a homicide detective is not an easy thing.

You will be dealing with some of the toughest assignments in policing because this involves tackling murders and gun-toting robbers.

We should not judge or assign employees on a gender basis.

This should become a thing of the past as employees should be treated equally.

Women have been on the march to show the world that they are as equally talented as their male counterparts.

We have already seen an all-female cabin crew.

Last year, an all-female refereeing team presided over a FIFA World Cup match between Costa Rica and Germany.

This was the first time it had happened in the history of the globe’s premier football tournament.

The team was hailed for living up to expectations.

By officiating at the highest level, the team inspired other female referees across the world that they are equally good.

Over the years, women were given the lighter and easier duties.

This destroyed morale and creativity as many of them felt the world was ganging up against them.

The girl-child needs our motivation and encouragement to ensure they achieve their dreams.

This will certainly boost their confidence and self-esteem.

As parents or guardians, we should groom our children to be hard workers and we should tell our daughters that they can achieve as much success as their brothers.

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