Editorial Comment: WE’VE NO APOLOGY TO MAKE

YESTERDAY we took a lot of criticism online from some of our readers who felt that our coverage of the cheating teachers, which has put their marriages on the line and has cost them their jobs, was way off the line.

That group of readers was reacting to our main story yesterday in which we reported that the two teachers, Thomas Chikanga (51) and Noma Nyathi (36), had lost their jobs at Westridge Primary School in Harare.

We reported that they were now counting the cost of their adulterous affair and their job losses meant that they will lose their US$1200 monthly salaries at the private school.

We reported that they briefly reported for duty last Monday but left the school in a hurry, without conducting any lessons, before their fate was sealed later during the week by the school authorities.

As our report clearly indicated, the school authorities decided to fire the two teachers for damaging the profile of their institution.

 “Their contracts with Westridge Primary School were terminated last week because their conduct was not in line with the expectations of people who are expected to be fathers and mothers of these kids and should always lead by example,” our source revealed.

“It’s clear that once this became public, when you guys published the story of what happened, their fate was as good as sealed and it was only the procedures which needed to be followed.”

There has been a lot of sympathy towards the two teachers online and some of our readers pointed their guns at us accusing us of playing a very big part in the problems which the two are now facing.

We have to make it clear that while we sympathise with them because we never want anyone to lose their job but we are unapologetic for doing our job.

We are a tabloid newspaper with a bias towards human interest stories and when some people decide to cheat on their spouses, and they are caught, we will name and shame them.

These people should know that what they are doing is wrong and they should also know that they have a responsibility to their actions and there will always be consequences when they are caught and exposed.

We have to be seen to be fighting against adultery because we need to respect the marriage institution.

We would love to see if the same people, who were abusing us on social media and supporting this couple, would react the same way if their wives and husbands behaved that way and cheated on them?

We know they will not be happy about such a situation but they are ready to turn a blind eye on these two individuals because this case didn’t involve them nor their relatives.

If we judged every story we got and started weighing on the consequences and sympathising with those who are involved, even if they are cheating on their wives or husbands, then we would have lost direction as a tabloid newspaper.

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