EDITORIAL COMMENT: What happened to real friendship?

30 Nov, 2022 - 00:11 0 Views
EDITORIAL COMMENT: What happened to real friendship?


GENUINE friends are hard to come by these days.

All we have are pretenders, hypocrites and a bunch of hangers-on good at back-biting.

In other words, we now have more associates than real friends.

A real friend should fight in your corner when misfortune strikes.

Genuine friends should also defend you in your absence.

In trying times, they (genuine friends) should give you a shoulder to lean on, especially when mourning, hurting or heart-broken.

Usually, this kind of a friend can only be a confidante.

 A confidante ends up acting as a part of your family when in fact they are strangers.

But it should be mentioned that honest and real friends are scarce nowadays.

As it stands, some of the people we call friends are parasites who are only after certain favours.

Once they get what they want from you, be prepared to see their backs for good.

In this era of technology, they can even block your contacts and pretend as if you never existed.

By shutting you out, they will be eyeing the next target.

Once your fortunes take a knock, you won’t see them coming to give you a helping hand.

In fact, they will join a bandwagon of people denigrating you after you fall on hard times.

They would also blame you for being irresponsible after years of milking you of your riches.

Once you recover, they will come back to you in droves and pretend to be part of your inner circle.

As sad as it may sound, this is totally regrettable and unfortunate.

In this era, never share your deep secrets with them because you will regret it.

When it comes to family issues, shady deals and marital woes, never share with them, especially what goes behind your closed doors.

Some of the people we call friends have turned out to be traitors, marriage wreckers and even con artists.

In our Monday issue, we carried a sad story involving a Rusape pastor, who confessed to bedding his best friend’s wife.

The man of the cloth confessed he was taught how to hustle by the man he betrayed.

He claimed he was seduced by his best friend’s wife.

The pastor ended up sleeping with his friend’s wife.

However, the pastor paid the price in a big way.

He was given a thorough bashing, which left his face deformed.

He sustained some bruises in the process while his image is in tatters.

The man of cloth, who should be redeeming lost souls, is now trending for the wrong reasons.

His video, groaning in pain while being savaged, has since flooded social media.

This level of betrayal is totally unacceptable.

Lust, greed and infidelity have over the years fuelled betrayal.

Some of the people we considered friends are evil human beings.

Others have been back-biting us in our absence, which has destroyed the whole essence of friendship.

Real friends are now scarce and what we have nowadays is a bunch of people good at betraying others.

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