THE success of Freeman and Seh Calaz’s shows held over the weekend in Harare is a clear indication that young Zimbabwean artists are investing a lot in their jobs.

Freeman and Seh Calaz are very crucial in the Zim dancehall movement.

One cannot talk about this successful movement without mentioning their names.

Once belittled in their formative years, the two have made it to the stars through perseverance.

They are now reaping the fruits of hard work, resilience and focus.

Freeman had a successful show at Alex Sports Club while   Seh Calaz filled Mbare Netball Complex.

Back in the day, doubting Thomases had written them off as fly-by-night entertainers.

Ten years later, the two are now ruling the roost.

Proper planning, sound management and focus have made them stars.

Youthful stars led by Nutty O, Holy Ten, Enzo Ishall and  Tamy Moyo are reaping the rewards for professionalism.

This should be considered positive news to those who believe in young talent.

They all have stories which are very inspirational.

The old guard in showbiz should embrace these youngsters, who have created their market.

The old guard should also learn from the young Turks of Zimbabwean showbiz when it comes to reinventing the wheel.

It is high time that they change their modus operandi.

The old guard needs professional managers, to embrace technology and experiment with new sounds.

Of course, it is hard for people to change their ways but we should always learn to adapt very fast.

It’s either you sink or become irrelevant if you don’t reinvent the wheel.

This has always been the case with people who don’t want to change their ways.

In this era of technology, several things are now obsolete.

In the creative sector, the power of technology should never be underestimated.

We have just seen AI being used to record the latest album released by the Beatles.

These are the changes which technology is bringing to the game.

In the studio, several things are now done by technology.

Of course, human capital remains valid but we risk losing out if we don’t embrace new technology.

The new crop of artists have long embraced it and are not afraid to experiment with new beats appealing to current generations.

It’s never too late for the older generation to work with youngsters.

The late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi is one such artist who saw the new wave coming as he collaborated with youngsters like Tocky Vibes back in the day.

He used to spend a lot of his time with youngsters at Pakare Paye Arts Centre as a way of appreciating new talent.

This is what is lacking now as some people are still stuck in the past.

The Young Turks are here to stay and the success of their shows at the weekend show they are in the game to make a huge difference.

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