DYNAMOS are back at Barbourfields tomorrow, just six days after their flagship showdown against Highlanders ended prematurely amid violent disturbances.

A pocket of militant Bosso fans have been blamed for the chaos which saw the big match being abandoned minutes before half-time.

The Glamour Boys were leading 2-0.

There is no question that our football authorities have tried, for a long time now, to ensure that such ugly incidents are removed from our beautiful game.

We have seen clubs being fined heavily in the past and we have seen some clubs being ordered to play in empty stadiums in bold attempts to tame this menace.

We refuse to be sucked into a corner where we have to sing the song which claims that all the Bosso fans are hooligans.

That they are all just waiting for an incident to explode and bring their club’s matches to a halt at the first signal that they are not being given a fair deal by match officials.


Because we know that the majority of Bosso fans are very good people who go to the stadium to support their club and can accept a defeat as and when that happens.

We know that because Highlanders were beaten 0-2 at Mandava by FC Platinum a few weeks ago, in what was their first loss of the season, but those fans accepted the result and drove back home in peace.

The following weekend, Bosso were also well beaten, 0-2 at home by Chicken Inn and the fans accepted the defeat and marched home in peace to lick their wounds.

So, why is it different when it comes to Dynamos?

One of the major observations is that there is a pocket ofBosso fans who only come to the stadium to watch their club on the occasions when they play Dynamos.

We have seen that at other clubs too and in Harare we also have a portion of Dynamos and CAPS United fans who only come to the stadium when the two are playing the Harare Derby.

These fans are the dangerous ones because they believe that their clubs are entitled to winning matches every time they are at the stadiums.

Because they are not there, when their club is playing in other low-key matches, they don’t prepare themselves, as is the case with the true all-weather fans, to deal with the pain of defeat.

he all-weather fans know how to handle defeats because they are there most of the time while these seasonal fans think it’s their club’s right to win the few big matches they pay to watch.

We have to deal with them, as a football community, because they are a danger to our game.

We cannot surrender to their evil intentions.

That is why it’s important that the band should play on and the games should continue to be played because that’s the best way to show them that they can’t defeat us. It’s good that DeMbare are back at Barbourfields so soon.

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