THE bizarre story of a Dzivaresekwa man, who fondled his mother’s private parts, under the influence of alcohol, is trending.

His conduct was simply unacceptable and that he was probably drunk doesn’t take away his level of guilt and the shame he inflicted on himself and his family.

This is taboo in our African culture.

Whatever drove him to touch his mother’s private parts remains a mystery.

For his shameful act, the man received a thrashing from two men who were hired by his mother to teach him a lesson.

Although the colleagues took the law into their hands, at least, the man now knows that what he did was something that will never be acceptable.

His shameful act has been roundly condemned by our readers and virtually all the members of his community.

Other reports say the man has been stealing household goods from his mother.

He has been finding joy in tormenting the same mother who looks after him.

He has been biting the hand which feeds him.

This case shows the extent of the torture many mothers are suffering at the hands of their own children.

Drug and substance abuse have turned some of our children into monsters.

Although he blamed it on alcohol, the man never showed any remorse.

The mother should chuck him out of her home for the sake of her safety.

The man is capable of doing something worse than fondling his mother’s privates.

He has shown that he is a dangerous person who should be punished for his sins.

We can’t afford to let drunkards behave as if they own this world and, in their moment of drunkenness, can commit acts which are unacceptable in our society.

Those who have problems with alcohol should quit.

As a man, he should be the one protecting his mother from any form of abuse.

He should be the one looking after his mother’s upkeep rather than stealing from her.

He has set a wrong example by his wayward behavior.

Under normal circumstances, the man should be acting as a shield to his mother and siblings.

As Africans, this kind of behaviour is taboo.

In our African set-up, the man should be fined for his shameful act.

A mother is a very special person in our lives.

These are the people who carried us in their wombs for nine months when we didn’t even have a clue about who we were.

These are the people who took care of us, when we were very young, and ensured we were protected and we were well fed.

On the occasions that we fell ill, these are the people who were there for us to ensure that we get the right medication and we live.

Now, we can’t turn around and abuse them.

The best thing the man should do is to quit alcohol and drugs, apologise to his mother, and try to live a normal life.

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