EDITORIAL : Don’t blame it on booze

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EDITORIAL : Don’t blame it on booze


CASES of delinquent fathers blaming their violent conduct on alcohol are now embarrassing.

There is now an increasing number of men known for unleashing violence whenever they are under the influence of alcohol.

One wonders why such men continue to abuse alcohol when they know they cannot control themselves once drunk.

These drunkards have been tormenting their spouses and children.

Unfortunately, this behaviour tends to be inherited by their male children, perpetuating this cycle of evil for generations.

In some homes, kids have nightmares each time their dads come home drunk.

They know it’s trouble galore.

It’s unacceptable that fathers who should be protecting their families are actually at the forefront of abusing their own families and blaming their shameless behaviour on alcohol.

What makes this behaviour sickening is that these same violent fathers act normal when they are sober.

On Monday, we carried a story about a Harare woman who revealed that her husband was in the habit of assaulting her and the children whenever he is drunk.

The woman, who was granted a protection order against her husband, also said he destroyed household property in addition to assaulting her and the kids.

By dragging her husband to court for a protection order, it proves that the man’s behaviour had become unacceptable.

A good father should protect his family from all forms of abuse.

It’s quite embarrassing when the man who is supposed to support his family actually violates them.

A real father should offer a haven of safety for his wife and children, and not a source of misery.

Children should be inspired by their fathers, and not injured by them.

By abusing their children and wives, fathers risk sowing seeds of anger and hatred that manifests in them in their adult lives, nourishing this vicious abusive behavioural cycle.

The ill-treatment of children can also affect them psychologically and socially.

A father should lead by example and drink responsibly.

Fathers should own up to their wrong deeds and not always hide behind alcohol.


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