Editorial: Go Brooke, represent us well

NEWLY crowned Miss Universe Zimbabwe, Brooke Bruk-Jackson, suits the narrative we have been yearning for.

Over the years, we have been advocating for beauty with brains.

Our prayers appear to have been answered as the Australia-based model is an academic with a track record.

She studied at the British Academy of Fashion Design in London and at the Beauty Therapy Institute of Cape Town, South Africa.

She was crowned Miss Universe Zimbabwe after the prestigious contest bounced back after a long hiatus.

Zimbabwe will return to the global contest for the first time in 22 years.

As Brooke is set to participate in the world-renowned pageant, the good news is that Zimbabwe will be represented by a model who boasts of both beauty and brains.

As a country, we need such ambassadors who can articulate serious issues with ease.

Models remain the ideal people in marketing the country as a safe tourism destination.

Gone are the days when models were treated as people of loose morals.

After years of grooming, models represent the country with pride and dignity, we should always remember to honour them for their sterling job.

A change of mindset is needed for us to honour our own.

We should not be reminded by others to celebrate our own stars.

The fact that Brook decided to represent her country should come as good news to us who have been advocating for patriotism.

Brooke has demonstrated the highest level of patriotism by making a serious commitment to represent her country.

Her stance shows that Zimbabwe is for us all despite the colour, race or tribe differences.

As she gears up for El Salvador, on November 18, Brooke needs our support to be able to represent us with both pride and dignity.

This is the right time for the corporate world to come on board and rally behind our beauty queen.

Brooke must feel loved as she represents our country at the global contest.

She can only make it with the backing of her kith and kin.

Brooke and her handlers need our support and love to be able to bring the crown home.

With her beauty and intelligence, she has the potential to go far.

She demonstrated it last weekend when she outwitted other contestants who were vying for the top honours.

She made it to the top on merit.

There was no favouritism as she simply did her best on the ramp to emerge the winner of the contest.

As a role model, she knows that she now has millions of our young girls who are now looking up to her.

They see her as their model and whatever she does could have an impact on them.

They want the best from her and the good thing about Brooke is that she looks like a humble individual.

Whether she brings the crown home or not, we should simply celebrate her triumph and participation in the global contest.

After waiting for 22 years to be back at Miss Universe, let’s try and ensure that we return there with a bang.

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