EDITORIAL : Killer couple’s arrest welcome

THE recent arrest of a Zimbabwean couple, who allegedly killed a four-year-old girl, is very welcome.

Their appearance at a Randburg Magistrates’ Court in South Africa is a clear indication that crime does not pay.

The South African Police Service Police should be applauded for their diligence in bringing these suspects to book.

It’s a case which has sent shock waves in Zimbabwe and many people are still to come to terms with the death of the four-year-old girl.

The bereaved family can now have a sigh of relief as the wheels of justice have started to roll and there is hope that it will be delivered.

Of course, life can never be replaced but justice is needed in such matters because, in a way, it helps bring some form of closure.

Whatever drove the killer couple to commit this heinous act we might never know. What we know is that an innocent life was lost and any country wants its youthful generation to grow because it represents the future.

The young girl deserved the right to live and explore the world like her peers.

The trauma the mother of the four-year-old is facing now should never be underestimated. As a peace-loving nation, we can’t afford to let criminals continue terrorising innocent souls.

The heartless couple, who allegedly ended the life of an innocent kid, deserves to be punished.

Their arrest and subsequent extradition to Zimbabwe to face justice here will help, in some way, to bring closure to this case.

As Zimbabweans, we should not be harbouring people who belong to jail.

The fact that the couple skipped the border to find refuge in South Africa is a clear indication that they knew the gravity of the offence, which they committed.

It’s also very clear that the case was premeditated.

Such acts of people killing innocent souls should never be tolerated in a country like ours.

We should always respect the sanctity of life. Young children have the right to life.

Kudos goes to businessman Moreboys Munetsi who effected the citizen arrest.

His social media campaign should be hailed for producing the desired results, which ended with the killer couple being arrested and brought to face justice.

We need people like Munetsi who are not afraid to expose and even take on such criminals.

Some of these criminals are well known people who brag about having powerful connections who are always protecting them.

Those who commit crimes should always face the wrath of the law.

This is important because it then sends a powerful signal to other would-be offenders who then know that it is not right to commit such crimes. Murder is the worst crime that can ever be committed.

When a life is taken away it can never be replaced.

We can only wonder what this girl would have become in life.

This is what amplifies the pain.

Now that the couple faces the possibility of extradition, we are praying that the authorities speed up the process.

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